Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2 more hairpieces...

Last night I made a flower pin that will clip onto a baby girls headband. It came out so cute and baby Giuliana is gonna look adorable wearing it :D
I also made this feather pin today as well just for fun and I love how it turned out! Nothin'
but fun feathers and a crystal broach! :)
On another note, I created a custom flower hairpiece for a friend and she was so kind to post about the arrival of her hairpiece in her blog! :D Here is her wonderful post :
Thank you Anela! :D
Have a good night everyone and I will be finding out more for the photo shoot next month very soon! {I may have found the location already as well!}
Now off to work on a cute little pink skirt! :)

Monday, June 20, 2011


I have seen diy ideas to make a plain white onesies super adorable and I thought how cute would it be to sew little "ties" with different colored fabrics to white onesies for our little man? I looked it up and found several tie ideas as well as a whole slew of others such as suspenders or pencil pockets. Here's some I ran across:
{From Lu Bird Baby}
{From La-Di-Da}
{From Green Little Piggies}
{From Daffodil Design}
I decided I will pick a pack up at Michaels using a 50% off coupon (it will come to about $5.00 for 5 onsies then :)) & add another fun project to my list! lol
~~~~~& just for fun, I found these super adorable mustache booties!!! :D~~~~~
{From>Pleasantly Plump Knits

LA Fabric District Finds :)

On Saturday morning of June 18, 2011, I took a trip down to the LA fabric district with my grandma in search for some good finds...and boy did we! The first store we went into my mouth dropped and my grandma said, "Wow! We are like kids in a candy store!" There were aisles upon aisles of different trimmings (incl. lace which is my favorite!!), ribbons, appliques, buttons, jewlery, you name it!! We even got lost trying to find the restroom within all of the aisles! Here are just a FEW pictures I took looking up to the ceiling with appliques and ribbons:
We spent about 5 and a half hours in the fabric district and these are some things I brought home with me :) Enjoy!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
This is probably my favorite buy of the day (& most expensive...shhh)!!! It's SILK and beautiful and oh so feminine!! I was told I have expensive taste by the seller but it's gorgeous and can you not fall in love with this fabric?
I bought this ivory lace trimming with pearl strings. I use it in hairpieces :)
I bought this elastic type of lace to make little headbands with :)
I bought lots more buttons where these came from :) The majority of them were made in italy & france. I will use them for the center of flower hairpieces.
75 cents a yard for this ivory lace trimming!!
I fell in love with this vintage like lace :) & for 50 cents a yard...I was SOLD! Can you tell I'm just a bit obsessed with lace? lol
More lace ... :D
This pink floral cotton fabric and shimmery pink fabric are what I am currently making a little girls ruffled skirt out of :) It should be done in a couple more days!
I also bought lots of fabric for the nursery :) I still have another fabric I have to buy...something that's light brown but I bought the bulk of it and will start making the leaves for the tree on the wall as well as a little pillow (made with the fabric on top) and I'm sure I can find other things to make in the nursery as well with left over fabric :)
The last find of the day came when my grandma and I got lost trying to find our way home (darn LA freeways)! We were lead to an Olympic Donut shop where we gorged on some ham and cheese croissants and I also endulged on a large chocolate shake!!! YUMMM!!! It certainly was a great day!!! :D

Halo Hairpiece

A couple nights ago, I made this halo hairpiece within an hour from wire stems that I had left after I picked off all the flowers to use them. I used a pink peony bud and put a pink flower button in the center. I also added lace, little ivory feathers and used little pink and ivory flowers (I think they are supposed to be like cherry blossoms) to go along with the peony. I had never made a hairpiece quite like this one before but I love it and will continue to make more like it :) Listings will be up soon on my etsy account for similar hairpieces @ !
Enjoy! :)
Next post: LA fabric district finds {& lots of them!}

Friday, June 17, 2011


I have been thinking that since my hairpieces have been selling quite well, I want to create a line of different hairpieces (about 12 or so) to photograph...the fun part? I also need about 4 or 5 girls to help me model them :) I'm thinking...end of July to hold this photoshoot. I will keep you guys updated! If you are interested, please contact me via facebook messages:
I will find a location and set up a "theme" which right now I'm thinking vintage summer fun with the girls in cute summer dresses...pearls...mary jane heels...have glass bottle sodas with cute striped straws...bubbles... etc. (my mind can go a bit crazy with ideas sometimes) If anyone would like to help style the shoot that would be AMAZING! I also have a couple photographers in mind to ask (if you are one and would be interested, contact me as well).
I want to send pictures to a couple different blogs as well as put them on my etsy shop site. So your help would be greatly appreciated in anyway if we can make this happen! :)
Details soon to come!

Oh Baby!...nursery...

I have so many plans for our little man's room! Before my husband and I do anything though, we have to go out and buy paint...then it can all finally come together!
I am going to the LA fabric district tomorrow morning with my grandmother and while I am there, I will be buying lots of fabric for the nursery for all the little projects I have in mind :D I can't wait! ::sigh::

On the opposite wall where we are having the tree, fabric leaves, etc...The rocking chair will be in the corner and I need to find a decent size rectanguler frame to hang up on the wall above the rocking chair. Sort of like this frame...but without a picture inside! {Just the frame}
{Credit: from theffk Etsy Shop}
Inside of the frame, the background will be painted a different color than the rest of the wall and I'm going to grab some paint brushes and color and paint inside of it:
"You are my Sunshine
My only Sunshine
You make me Happy
When skies are Gray
You'll never know dear how much
I Love You
Please don't take my Sunshine Away"
Yesterday, I went to Michaels and I bought this large white letter L {stands for his name :)} which will sit on the shelf by where the frame will be as well as a little teddy bear, picture frame, and any other cute little baby boy trinkets.
Ok, so enough about some more of my projects (lots more to come anyways)
I was browsing the internet this morning and found some other really cute ideas for baby nurseries :)
Here's a room for a baby girl that is sooooo cute and unique!
I love how different the color pallete is! Although pink is my favorite color, these colors together look adorable and feminine without going over the top girly!
I also found this super cute owl themed nursery for a baby boy :)


Hope this gives you some inspiration for your own nursery room :)
Now it's time for me to go work on some hairpieces! Have a beautiful day everyone!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Flower hairpiece overload! :D

My etsy shop has been open for 8 days now and I have already received 4 sales...not incl. the 2 custom listings I still have to post for a bride to be and a friend of mine...or the skirt that I still have to make once I go to the fabric district in LA on Saturday. So, needless to say, I have still managed to keep myself busy even though I just finished school 8 days ago as well :) I love what I do though so it's definitely NOT a complaint...I'm just scared to put anymore listings up that I have created! lol I have not exceeded posting more than 5 listings up at one time because my hairpieces keep selling :) So far, here are the 3 sales that I have completed and I am shipping out this morning to New York, Washington, & North Carolina!
This flower is for a woman in North Carolina that wanted a replica of a hairpiece that I made for one of my bridesmaids in my wedding back in august :)
This custom floral hairpiece is for a bride in Washington whose wedding is on July 9th. She wanted a flower similar to the one I wore on my wedding day but in all ivory and a bit smaller. She also sent me a picture of the way she wanted a bit of the birdcage veil to show and this is what we came up with! :D
This flower is also for a bride to be in New York. Instead of a hairpiece, she will attach it to her wedding dress :) This flower is inspired by a hairpiece I made for a bridal shower a couple months ago!
Each one is packaged with a hand written note, a card, tissue paper, and ribbon :) Now time to put them in bubble wrapped envelopes and head to the post office!!!
Next projects on my list are 2 custom hairpieces (one for a bride to be, one for a friend) & another ivory and lace hairpiece that was just ordered on etsy last well as the super adorable skirt I will start soon! :D