Sunday, April 29, 2012

7 {Pretty} Things on {Sunday}--All things DIY

I haven't done my 7 {Pretty} things on {Sunday}
in a while because I have been so busy with lots of other exciting things too.
This morning though, I am bringing it back & I haven't even had my coffee yet...
so we will see how great this goes! lol

My theme for the day is
{All pretty things-DIY}

I know that a lot of us love to take on some pretty fun projects...
or start them & not finish them...
or even just THINK about doing a d.i.y. but then never really do...

Whatever the case may be, here are some pretty fun DIY projects to help you with a little inspiration :)

A chandelier out of paint swatches? YES! Please!
Super cute braided chain bracelet!
Add some edge to a blazer.
BEAUTIFUL pearl and crystal bouquet! So Stunning!
This draft wood jewlery holder is gorgeous! :)
Pretty book planter. So cool and SO unique!
These rhinestone nails make me want a mani...PRONTO! So pretty!
Well, there you have it! :)
What are your favorites?
{Have a BEAUTIFUL day!}

Saturday, April 28, 2012

{OOAK Bridal Necklace}--Available :)

Yesterday, I spent all day creating a piece that I am SO EXCITED about!
I woke up with a lot of inspiration for a bridal piece and just went with it!
I created this OOAK {ONE of a kind} bridal bib necklace :D
It is made with:
*several VINTAGE buttons
*several different pearls (most are VINTAGE too)
*Ivory chiffon
*Ivory/champagne silk
*Ivory lace with pearl beading
*Ivory ribbon
*Antique brass clasp & rings for adornment (a dainty little pearl hangs at the end of rings)
*Ivory & Champagne antique-inspired lace
*Ivory felt for backing
*Ivory thread
*& most importantly LOTS of LOVE!
Everything is handcut, shaped, and sewn together very carefully by {yours truely}. I started by creating different fabric "rosettes" & "poppies" and sewing them to an Ivory/Champagne antique-inspired lace. After that, everything started falling into place with all the rest of the very intricate details.
Here are some more photos of some close ups:
I sewed ivory felt to the back of everything when I was just about done so it could keep its shape a bit better.
For the clasp, I used an antique brass lobster clasp and rings with a dainty pearl to hang at the end.
Want this OOAK bridal piece before it's gone?
It's available right here in my
Love Sparkle Pretty Shop!
I'm thinking about creating some less dramatic necklaces for bridesmaids or even for everyday use. What do you think?

{Self-Portrait Saturday}

I am linking up with
{Much Love, ILLY}
& {Manzanita}
Self Portrait
I was taking photos for my new headbands
(now available in the Love Sparkle Pretty Shop)
& really liked playing with the sunlight in the evening so I figured I would link up some of the photos :)
Having the sun behind you when you take photos in the evening will give you a pretty glow around you. It's like it would kiss my hair! lol
Go link up & join the fun! :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

{HAPPY Thoughts Tuesday}

Happy Thoughts Tuesday!
Ok, so I made this theme up for today but I totally saw some photos that made me smile and wanted to share the {happiness}!
Maybe this will be a new weekly post for me because who couldn't use a dose of smiles?

This photo is what first inspired me!
How cute are these {Apple Smiles}?
I found them on Pinterest and had to repin! How can you not smile when you look at them? lol
This really is true! Being a nursing student and learning how intricately detailed our bodies are and how we stay alive without even thinking about it amazes me! I mean, God designed our bodies to keep our hearts pumping, gathering and exchanging oxygen by breathing, filtering toxins throughout our kidneys, the list goes on and on and we don't have to think about any of this! Every little thing works together so perfectly (hopefully) so that we can enjoy a beautiful spring day! :) Life truely is pretty AMAZING!
Watermelon Baby! I had to chuckle!! I wonder what this kid will think when he sees this photo 20 years from now? :D
Coffee in the morning! COMPLETE HAPPINESS :D
It's crazy how life changes. 5 years ago, I didn't think I would be where I am now but that's because our "plans" are according to Christ. No matter how hard we try to make everything go OUR WAY, sometimes our paths aren't what we thought and we find that we ultimately wanted something entirely different. :)
Dancing in a sunflower field with the sun kissing your face?
& last but not least... DOGGIE SMILES :D
This dog exudes happiness!! LOL
{Have a BEAUTIFUL & HAPPY day!}

Monday, April 23, 2012

{Key to my Heart} VERY LIMITED Necklace now available in the shop! :)

Yesterday, I spent the morning on my newest creation.
{Key to my Heart}
was created using an antique-inspired filigree key (approx. 2.75" in length)
filigree heart charm (I only have 2 of these specific heart charms!)
a translucent aqua bead
a dainty pink bead
& a "made with love" charm
all on a 30" antique brass chain
with lobster clasp at end.
These are VERY limited quantity (2 to be exact)
because I only have 2 of these heart charms so put your order in now for your
{pretty much OOAK necklace}
Order your
{Key to my Heart}
necklace here in the
Love Sparkle Pretty Shop
p.s. I'm still giving away a headband once I hit 150 "likes" on my
Facebook page so head on over & "like" & "share."
The lucky winner could be YOU! :)

Friday, April 20, 2012

{Wild & Daring} NEW headband available :)

Feeling a little
A new leopard flower headband is now available in the
Love Sparkle Pretty Shop.
It is created using leopard chiffon fabric with a bit of sparkle, 3 black glass beads for the center of each flower, and thin black elastic which is really comfortable to wear!
Snag yours HERE!
Want to win one? :)
Go to my new Facebook page HERE
& "like" & share amongst your friends!
Once I get to 150 "likes," I will be giving a headband away to one lucky winner!
The Crafted Sparrow

Monday, April 16, 2012

{Spring Rings} are now available in the shop! :)

These adorable
{Spring Rings}
are finally available in the
Love Sparkle Pretty Shop


Here they are!

This is {Red Sparkle} & created with deep red ranuncula petals, antique-inspired lace, & a vintage sparkle button for the center.

This is {Mustard Yellow Sparkle} & created with hand-cut, hand-shaped mustard yellow chiffon, & a vintage sparkle button for center.

This my friend, is {Pretty in Pink} & created with pink shaped petals, & 3 dainty pearls hand-sewn to the center.

& This is {Beauty Blossom} which was created with ivory petals tipped with pink, antique-inspired lace, and a vintage sparkle button for the center.

Each flower is approx. 1" around and set atop an adjustable--antique brass--filigree ring for a custom fit!

What's your favorite? :)