Monday, January 31, 2011

Project of the Day!

So, FINALLY the last of my items I needed for my next project arrived today in the mail from Beijing China and I completed my next project! Here it is! :)
The first clutch I have ever made...DUN DUN DUUUUNNN! lol

The satin lining on the inside of the clutch:



Sunday, January 30, 2011

For the LOVE of paper!

Who would have thought that paper can be turned into so many beautiful and creative things? As well as being able to create something fun without the time consuming detail? Here are a some ideas I have found and have also created items which were inspired by these photos and tutorials:

{From Funky Junky Art Etsy Shop}

{From The Sweetest Occasion <--DIY instructions included!}

{From Paper Polaroid Etsy Shop}

{From Project Wedding <--DIY instructions included!}

{From Earmark Etsy Shop}

{From Back Through Time Etsy Shop}

I used this tutorial of this banner to create our "Love is Sweet" banner that hung above our candy buffet table at our wedding. We just changed the ribbon and paper but used the same steps...
{From Wedding Chicks <---DIY instructions included as well!}

{From My DIY Wedding Day <--DIY instructions included as well!}

{From Martha Stweart Crafts <--DIY instructions included!}

Love the little bird cages!! So cute! I think it would be adorable to hang a display in a nursery or baby shower event :)
{From Creature Comforts Blog <--DIY instructuctions included as well!}

Cool bowl idea!! So artsy!

{From Jubella <--DIY instructions included!}

I love these fortune paper cookies! So fun at any event really...
{From Once Wed <--DIY instructions included!}

Fun way to change the look of your matches! Now you can leave them by your fireplace with a look that actually adds to the decor of the room!

{From Creature Comforts <--DIY instructions included!}

A friend of mine created this adorable gift to a married couple and with her sense creativity, made it look super cute!

{From Aurora Mckeehan}

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Little Ruffled Dress

So I have been working on this dress for a while now {it's my first one} & I'm definitely not done yet but here's my progress so far...

The top is made of satin with a V neck. The sleeves are still being worked on...
The back is also a deep V neck.

The bottom is made of chiffon ruffles as well as lace...which takes some time to layer and make sure they are all even and straight.

I'm still adding layers.

Hopefully, this project will be done by the end of the weekend...although I think I have to buy more material to complete it.
I'm super excited for the end result!!!

Then, I can start my next project :)...
{Hint} It's not clothing--but an accessory

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vintage Inspiration--Accessories

Vintage inspired accessories are so beautiful and with many arising weddings and other events with this "theme," I have found many items from necklaces to earrings to shrugs to boutonieres and many more all over the web {mostly on Etsy}. For those of you who are looking for ways to add a bit of antique inspired pieces to your upcoming event here are some ideas:

{From Green Wedding Shoes}

{From Green Wedding Shoes}

{From A Luscious Thing Etsy Shop}

{From Little White Dresser Etsy Shop}

I love these gloves too! So cute!!!

{From Green Wedding Shoes}

{From Be Something New Etsy Shop}

{From Japonica Etsy Shop

{From Dixie Pixel}

{From Pomp and Plumage Etsy Shop}

{From Pomp and Plumage Etsy Shop}

{From Dinofa Photography}

{From EM Bridal Etsy Shop}

{From Holly Stalder Etsy Shop}

{From Holly Stalder Etsy Shop}

{From Hand Made Bling Etsy Shop}

{From Le Collezione Etsy Shop}

{From Japonica Etsy Shop}

{From Little White Dressers Etsy Shop}

{From Japonica Etsy Shop}