Thursday, January 30, 2014

Creative Tea Time 2 Recap {MAJOR Pretty Overload}

A few months ago, I attended the first Creative Tea Time with my friend Tara of Laila's Charming Pieces. Little did we know, this event would turn into something so much more than just a "craft party" as we attended the second CTT event this past weekend.

This inspiring and creative occasion is hosted by three AMAZING and talented ladies, Meagan of Fairly Fabulous, Tracy of Creme De La Gems and LeAnn of Lele's Little Soiree & Pure Photography by LeAnn. They seriously put their whole hearts and diligent hands into Creative Tea Time and it certainly exudes throughout the glorious details, DELICIOUS food (made by LeAnn's momma), exciting craft options and the enchanting ambiance.

This time around, CTT was split up into 2 days to accompany the great response of attendees. Getting to know so many ladies behind the social media accounts and handmade shops has truly been a blessing and I am so thankful to have met each of them.

It was a beautiful day of friendship, creativity and crazy spoiling by all of the fantastic sponsors! Here is a glimpse of Creative Tea Time 2.

CAUTION: Be prepared to get hit in the face by some MAJOR pretty details!!!!


Thank you again LeAnn, Meagan and Tracy from the bottom of my heart!! Your incredible hard work did not go unnoticed. 
So excited for the next event!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Debut of the 2014 New Line of Floral Crowns!!

As of yesterday, the new line of floral crowns have made their debut in the Etsy shop! I have been working on this line for a little while now and I am SO happy with each and every new piece.

I am incredibly thankful for each person that was a part of this shoot including the ever so talented Kayla of Kayla V Photography who took all of the beautiful photos of the pieces. I seriously squealed when I saw them!!

Also, a huge thank you to the models Ruby ElorteguiMandee West and Chloe who drove up to Wrightwood to meet us from Los Angeles. You all are SO gorgeous and were such a pleasure to work with.
Donavan of Donavan Johnson Photography also accompanied us on this shoot as well as Anhel Torres who captured an amazing video of behind the scenes throughout the day (a snippet is shared below).

Here are the new designs added to Love Sparkle Pretty and a peek into the day spent in the mountains with pretty dresses, flower wreaths and camera equipment.


The 'Laila' Floral Crown-Shades of Yellow, Pink and Ivory with a Large Rose Blossom that looks and feels freshly picked.
Far right: The 'Colette' Floral Crown-Shades of Peach, Blush and Ivory Petals.

The 'Leigh' Floral Crown-Shades of Blush Pink with a Large Rose Blossom that looks and feels so real!!

Model: Mandee West
The 'Harlow' Floral Crown-Ethereal Inspired with Beige Ranunculus Petals, Garden Roses and Leaves Intertwined

The 'Amelia' Floral Crown- Shades of Pink, Maroon and White Blossoms

The 'Ellie' Floral Crown-Ivory Magnolia Petals with Lace and Crystal Center

The 'Annabelle' Floral Crown-Shades of Purple Blooms with Pearls and Fascinated Button Detail

The 'Poppy' Floral Crown- Shades of Fiery Yellow, Red and Orange with Pearls and Poppy Blooms 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Pregnancy Redefined my Resolutions-GUTS

A few months ago, I was asked by my dear friend Aurora to write a post for GUTS-Girls Using Their Strength "is a movement dedicated to women of the world making a change through transparency, truth and the love of Jesus." GUTS is curated by empowering stories from women about life, saving grace, struggles, transformations, strengths, dreams, etc. As I read through the words of real women I can relate to, it is SO refreshing and inspiring how the Lord uses each of us to fulfill His purpose!

I was asked to write about Redefining Resolutions and as I started to type, a flood of words started to appear on the screen as I began to share my heart in a way that I didn't initially expect.

I started to share my past goals and new found purpose as I received a positive pregnancy test in March of 2010. I shared the pull I experienced between choosing to be a stay at home mom, continuing nursing school and/or following my creative passion and desires as well as redefining moments.

This is a little piece of my heart:

Pregnancy Redefined my Resolutions on the GUTS blog.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

7 Things You Don't Know About Me (Skinnies, Disappearing Tongue & Cheese)

7 things you don't know about me...until now

1) A couple times a week I take my mind to a small cafe in France, sipping coffee, reading a good book and listening to some french tunes. I may be in my living room with a crazy child running around beating on metal pans but I can certainly day dream. Ha!

2) I basically live in skinny jeans and dresses (not at the same time). When I received these skinnies from kensie, I was a bit intimidated at first because they were high-waisted but let me tell you, they are definitely my new favs in my closet! I love the way they fit snugly without making me feel uncomfortably stiff and the dark wash makes them go with just about every color!

3) My thumbs are double jointed. When I give a "thumbs up," they look like table tops.

4) I can stick my tongue behind my tonsils. Most people don't believe me until I show them but yes, I can stick my tongue up behind my little "punching bag" in my mouth. I used to call it the "make my tongue disappear" trick.
Jeans: kensie/Floral Shirt: Rue 21/Ring: Love Sparkle Pretty/Flats: Rue 21/Glasses: Firmoo

5) When I talk to my son, my voice gets really weird like a cartoon character and I call him names like boog, bugger, buggy, booooger baby, love head, lover buggy, woog and woogy. It just happens...

6) I probably listen to "What Does the Fox Say" more than anyone in their life ever needs too because my son is OBSESSED. When will this fox phase be over?

7) I LOVE CHEESE. I may have already blogged about this before but this is a pretty important fact not to forget. Cheddar, White American, Pepper Jack, Ricotta, Parmesan, whatever the Babybel cheese is....etc. I don't discriminate. I always joke that my heart is made out of cheese which may become true as I get older and have high cholesterol...until then, throw some cheese on it and I will be happy. Thank you!

What are some things about you that most don't know?

**A portion of this post his been sponsored with product for compensation but all of the opinions and statements are my own.**