Tuesday, July 31, 2012

{Owl themed surprise party!} :)

I have been working on this post for a while now and it's finally done!

About a week and a half ago, I got together with my brother's girlfriend--Cheyenne to work on a last minute surprise party for our friend Megan. Megan just recently left to Rhode Island State University on a full ride soccer scholarship (pretty cool right?!).

Cheyenne and I wanted to throw a party and invite Megan's family and closest friends to say
"ta-ta for now" and since Megan loves owls, we went with a super colorful owl themed party!

We were also on a super tight budget so a lot of things were DIY and purchased from the dollar store but still came out pretty cute!

Here are some photos of the decor and the super exciting surprise party.

See this cupcake tower? It was totally DIY from the dollar store!
See my post right here about how to make your own! :)
Read about these fun and colorful cupcakes in my last post
right here

These little owl pictures that we decorated in the window were actually folders (3 ring binders) that we found at the 99 cent store and we cut them up to use as decor...hey, it worked! lol

These flowers were picked from my grandmothers garden and I arranged them in this blue vase--also bought from the dollar store. :)

Cheyenne painted this tree on this large piece of neon paper and I cut out the owl and letters to glue onto the enormous goodbye card.

Megan had tears in her eyes when she read all of the wonderful wishes to her. :)

Candy, polka dots, pink and green crystal confetti and paper straws! 
I told you this party was super colorful & crazy! 

Balloons outside in the pool. It turned into a pool party :)

Oh, and this little gecko named Sparticus! 

The initial surprise...
I got it on video but my computer is being weird so I can't post it right now.
Ta-Ta for now Megan!
We love you! :)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

A DIY wreath for our home.

So I know that I said my next post will be about the owl themed surprise party that I helped style but I am still working on it and wanted to share the super cute and easy fabric wreath that I made for our home today.
I made it using a round styrofoam piece that I bought from Joanns, beige fabric that I wrapped around it, and then created mustard yellow, teal, and ivory rosettes to attach to it. I also used a bit of burlap and lace to tie into it. Lastly, I made a little bunting banner--in which I used a brown sharpie to write "hello" on. :)
It was really simple and I created it quite fast!
We now have a little bit of extra detail for our home.
Welcome guests!!! :)

Cupcakes for an owl themed party! + Sneak peek of the party decor!

About a week ago, I had some friends over for a cupcake creating night.

We were creating cupcakes for the surprise party we were planning for our friend Megan who just recently left to Rhode Island State on a full ride scholarship to play soccer there (she's quite amazing at the sport obviously! :))

My brother's girlfriend, Cheyenne and I, decided to plan a very last minute party for her and decided on the theme of owls (because Megan loves owls) and with it--came LOTS of color--but we will get to the rest of the decor of the party in another post).

Now back to the cupcakes.
The night before the party, Cheyenne and my friend Crystal came over to make lots of pretty cupcakes that went with our party theme. We started by trying to create a "tie dye" look with the icing but since our diy piping bags didn't go as planned, we just slathered the icing on our chocolate and fun-fetti cupcakes with a knife.

Then, we took all of the sprinkles we could find and just started "blinging out" the cupcakes.

Afterwards, we topped 15 of them off with cute owl toppers that I created a few days prior.


In the end, we created colorful little masterpieces as we called them. :)

Here is a sneak peek of the party & our cupcakes put to use. Next post. :) 

Monday, July 23, 2012

MANI Monday {Color changing polish & RELAXING by the pool}

Last week, some friends and family of mine drove to La Cresta to visit my aunt and have some relaxing time....& that we did! :)
While there, we had some lunch, layed out by the pool, painted our nails, layed out on the couch, watched some T.V., ate some cupcakes, read some magazines, & just vegged.
It was a good day! :)
Once I saw this awesome color changing polish that my aunt had, I HAD to try it!
I swear it's magic! lol
While inside, it's a glittery gold color & while outside, it turnes to a sparkley red/pink color.
Cool right?
It's from Del Sol & she said that she purchased it from Rite Aid (I will be on the hunt for it.)
{Relaxing by the pool--in the sun}
& speaking of relaxing, the babes were passed out!
{Cousins-Emily & Levi}
What are your favorite ways to relax this summer? :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Real Wedding: Daisy and Peter {featuring a Love Sparkle Pretty bridal hairpiece}

About 2 months back, a bride contacted me to create her a custom hairpiece for her wedding day. I was so excited because this bride was a familiar face. :) I met Daisy (the bride) through my best friend Crystal. Crystal recommended Daisy to me to do my hair for my wedding day (which was almost 2 years ago) and she did such an amazing job!
So, I was really excited to get back in touch with her and return the favor of creating something beautiful for her wedding day.
...I love how happy they both look!! :D

I created her piece with ivory magnolia petals, ivory and white marabou feathers, bits of birdcage veiling, ivory chiffon, and a pretty crystal brooch for the center.

{Photography credit: Jessipena}
Thank you so much again Daisy!
You and your husband make such a beautiful couple and I wish you both a very blessed and very happy marriage. :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

A {sweet} engagement featuring a {Blooming Headband} from Love Sparkle Pretty!!!!!

I wanted to share an amazing engagement photo shoot that a friend of mine styled and featured one of the {Blooming Headbands} from the Love Sparkle Pretty shop!

This past week, my friend Aurora from Vilchis Squared purchased a headband to use for a client of hers. She did such a beautiful job and the couple-- Tereneh & Ryan looked ADORABLE together!

Sara Lucero also did an amazing job photographing these pictures! The lighting is divine and the moments between Tereneh & Ryan are so sweet.

Martha, from Martha does makeup did a wonderful job creating a natural, yet captivating look.

And do you see that luscious, curly hair?!!! Ashley Jael is to thank for the hair styling!
Gorgeous couple!

All you girls did such a great job and thank you for featuring a little piece of Love Sparkle Pretty within this shoot! :)
Click here to see more of this photoshoot!
P.s. Want to win one of these headbands? Once I hit 150 "likes" on my Facebook Page I will be giving one away to a lucky someone! :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Starbucks, Pharmacology, & Creativity...with a Manicure to top it off! :)

Here is a little random update on life through some
simply words & photos.
Creative Studying.

Family Love.

Fabric Banner.

Starbucks and Pharmacology.

Polka-dot Headband.

Full Moon.


Pharmacology taking it back to Microbiology.

Manicure. "Tropicalia."
Mani Monday over at Just Love.ly Things

...Just a hint of what has been going on :)

Sorry my blog has been suffering throughout but I am going to try and post a bit more often! I have lots of new items coming to the shop too and some fun new custom items that I am in the middle of creating!

{Have a Beautiful day}