Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Cupcake!

A friend of mine just had a birthday and as a gift to welcome in a new year, I created a hairpiece uniquely for her! :)
I used light pink peony petals, ivory magnolia petals, pink cherry blossom, and light green hydrangea petals to create this lightly colorful flower. I also added pink and purple feathers and a green button for the center with added pink twine between the button holes.

To package it, I put it on top of a cute cupcake holder with hot pink tissue paper to resemble a cupcake!...It didn't look exactly what I had in mind but it still looked cute anyway :)

Afterwards, I put it inside of a cupcake box & wrapped it with a big pink bow!
{All done and ready to enjoy!} :D

Happy Birthday {again} Tiffany!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sneak Peek of Scarlett and Grace

Two more hairpieces will make their debut soon! I created these two pieces the other night to add to the collection and here they are!

I made this piece with red silk chrysanthemum, floral fabric, red chiffon, 2 deep red saddle feathers, burlap petals, and a vintage pin for the center!

Grace is a headband I made with ivory and pink cherry blossoms (each with lace and a pearl for center), an ivory and pink flower with lace and vintage pin for center, a hint of ivory marabou feathers, a spiraled goose biot feather, and pearl detail throughout!

Lots more additions will be added soon :)
Have a beautiful day!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Daisies for Twins! :)

Two adorable twin girls are on their way in the Chip family and as a part of their baby shower gift, I made a head band for each of them :)
I went and bought some pink, soft elastic from Joann's fabric store for the bands and sewed the ends together. Once I was done, I used hot pink daisies for each flower and to make each one unique, I used two different floral fabrics as well as two different buttons for the center of each--One green & one yellow. Then I sewed each flower to the elastic bands & --Viola! A cute little hairpiece for two tiny beauties due at the end of September :D
{I can't wait to meet little Madison & Macie}

Saturday, August 6, 2011

New piece to the bridal collection:Something Blue

A couple of days ago, I finished the first wedding hairpiece to my new bridal collection & I have got to say...I'm IN LOVE with it!
I used 5 different types of lace (incl. vintage lace from the antique shop), ivory chiffon, ivory french veiling, a crystal sparkler for the center, 1 ivory Turkey Plumage feather, & 4 light blue Turkey Plumage feathers to add that "something blue" to a beautiful wedding day!
Here's a little sneak peek to
{Something Blue}

The full reveal of this piece as well as its availability will be after the August 18th photoshoot :D

Monday, August 1, 2011

Baby Shower Bunting & Suitcase Display

A couple days ago, I went into an antique shop with hopes of finding some good stuff for a couple different events and the very first item I saw was the old brown suitcase I had on my list! I was super excited and this morning, I started the project I had in mind for it!
At the end of September, we are having my baby shower which I am helping out with because I can't resist! :) The suitcase will be a part of a display I am putting together and I finished the bunting for it today. The idea of the suitcase will be to display some of little Levi's baby items as well as some ultrasound pictures in a super cute way :)

Here's the bunting I created this morning and some of the steps so that you can create your own!

I started by cutting little triangles out of a blue polka dotted fabric of my choice & grabbed some brown twine & small clothes pins (which will be used to hang pictures with)

Next, I gathered paint (I used a tan color to match the color scheme) & a paint brush (the smaller brush head, the better because it will be easier to paint letters with).

Once I had my paint & paint brush, I painted a letter on each triangle of fabric to spell out "Baby Levi" & started to glue the very tops of each triangle(about 2 cm down from the top) to the twine leaving a little bit of space between each triangle letter. I start first with the word "Baby" and then cut a seperate piece of twine for our baby's name, "Levi."

Once each letter is glued at the very top, fold over the excess fabric so it wraps around the twine and glue the top seem again to cover the twine.

Once all the the letters are glued around the twine, just cut off extra fabric sticking out from the top and you are done with your bunting for a cute banner display! :)

The bunting I made will hang from the top of the open suitcase and will have photos and memorabilia clipped onto the banner as well using small clothes pins. The inside of the suitcase will have a baby blanket, a little teddy bear, tiny baby clothes, and anything else I can think of :) This will be next to "Levi's Adventure Book" (inspired by the movie UP) which will serve as a way for guests to write him little messages as well as a photo album! :D

Lots more projects to complete for the shower but I'm having fun with each of them!! I can't wait for our little man to arrive :)