Monday, October 31, 2011

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from the fishbowl & the fisherman

{Happy Halloween}
Last week, my husband & I read up on some ideas to dress up as for Halloween since I'm 36 weeks pregnant & can't really fit into too many costumes. Here's what we came up with & wish you all a fun & safe Halloween! :D

Our Maternity Shoot

On October 6th, My husband and I had our maternity shoot with the lovely Cortnie Dee. We met up in Riverside, CA where my husband & I not only took our engagement photos but we also shot some pictures where we got married over a year ago! I was so excited about this opportunity to get to work with Cortnie again because she has basically been "our photographer" and has followed our lives together in important milestones!

Here are just some of our maternity photos that I have fallen in love with!

{At Fairmount Park where we took our engagement photos in January 2010}

{At Crestmore Manor under the tree where we said "I DO"}

first comes love
then comes marriage
then comes little
in the baby carriage

It was so much fun shooting our little family photos especially since we were able to go back to the exact same place where we said our vows a little over a year ago! :) Cortnie Dee did such an amazing job as always & I'm always impressed by her work! :) Thank you again!

I'm now 36 weeks pregnant & we are just counting down the days until our little man is here!

ADORABLE tree in nursery DONE! :D

As of last night, my husband and I completely finished the wall where the crib will go in the nursery! This wall took lots of detailed work and I'm so happy to say we are finished!
I had this whole idea of what I wanted the nursery to look like when we found out we were going to have a little baby and it is definitely more than what I expected it to look like :)

My husband and I started with stenciling the tree on the wall, then we picked out the paint colors and my husband completed painting the tree in no time! It was then my turn to start cutting out leaves of different fabrics and using wire within them so they could be bendable and more "leaf like." Once I cut out what seemed to be hundreds of leaves, we attached them to the branches using little pieces of command strips. Then, I used a bunting that I created a while back
{here's the post where I created it---incl. DIY instructions!}
and I hung it from the tree over the crib where little Levi will dream :). I also created a little bird made of fabric to attach to the end of the bunting. I used wire inside of the bird as well so that it would "pop out" & then added a little bow tie to the baby bird. Finally, we hung up the nightlight birdhouse that Grandpa Spence made for Levi! I absolutely love it!! :)

Here is a preview to our little man's nursery!
(The entire nursery layout will also be up soon considering we only have a few more projects left to complete in his room)

Adorable right? :) I'm pretty proud I must say!
Now it's time to hang up the curtains, arrange his baby books on the shelf, buy a pillow for the back of the rocking chair, and then we are about set! Only 4 weeks left until we get to see Levi's handsome little face!
{Have a beautiful day!}

AHOY DARLING---new piece added to etsy

There is a new piece added to Love Sparkle Pretty & she is ready to be purchased from the shop!
{Ahoy Darling}
is a nautical inspired hairpiece that is created using:
*Ivory magnolia petals
*Antique lace
*Blue/grey marabou feathers
*Scarlett/red hackle feathers
*Vintage anchor button made in Italy
*& LOTS of love!

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{Happy Shopping!}

Friday, October 28, 2011

Some new fall hairpieces available + SALE!

Today I am Linking up with Casey Weigand, Danielle from Changing Lanes, Much Love ILLY, & Jess from Boho Baby Bump for the:
Be sure to check out their awesome blogs! :D

I will soon be taking a break from all of this crafting very soon starting at the end of November due to our little bundle of joy who should be making his entrance around Thanksgiving time! {What an awesome blessing to be thankful for!}

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Hurry while you can though because Thanksgiving time is coming quickly and I don't plan on creating or sending out new pieces until the end of December! :)

Also, I am still in the middle of posting new pieces up on my etsy shop so either check back soon to see new pieces or send me a convo with your custom order ideas and we can create something fabulous! :)

Here are some great fall pieces that are ready to be shipped!

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{FALL for you}
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{Spooky Love}
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From the {Pretty Pretty Bebe} Collection

Super cute toddler head band perfect for the new season!! You may purchase and view all the great details of this adorable piece at the Love Sparkle Pretty Etsy Etsy Shop!

There are many new pieces that will also be available in my shop soon so please check back frequently!

Onto, more projects other than hairpieces....
I am almost done with the nursery!! I will be posting some pictures of our Little Man's room very very soon on my next post! :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Warm tea, good news, inspiration, & lovelies!

It's a beautiful Thursday morning and with a cup of warm chamomile tea by my side and some glorious motivation, I am ready to take on the day and share some news, inspiration, and lovelies!
First, some good news which all happened yesterday! One, my sister in law got married!!! Yaaayyy! Congrats Kristin & Berto (who are currently on thier honeymoon).

& Two, I received my "official" acceptance letter to nursing school!
When I recieved the envelope, I was literally shaking while I was opening it! I have been praying really hard lately about what path the Lord has for me when it comes to schooling and since I applied last application process but didn't get in (due to some class units that I received at CBU and not VVC), I was very apprehensive to reading what the outcome was for this application letter. As soon as I saw CONGRATULATIONS I was relieved, excited and yet overwhelmed all at once with tears in my eyes! This must be confirmation from the Lord and I intend on making the most of it all! I start this spring with the 2 pre reqs I must complete (pharmacology :-/ & nursing assessment) before I can actually start "official" nursing school in the fall. I'm excited to be able to give our little family an even better future and although it's gonna be tough, God will find a way and this brings me much peace about it all! :)

{Now for some inspiration & lovelies I stumbled across this morning}

I absolutely love this quote :) I want to make something similar to this to add to my crafting room!

This would be my sanctuary!


So many ideas & projects can be created with such beautiful colors! :)

From Hey Zee Etsy Shop

Ready for a YUMMY recipe to try???
{Homemade Salted Caramel Mocha}!!!

Doesn't it look DELICIOUS!?! I must try this! :D Perfect to cuddle up on the couch with!
from: 52 Kitchen Adventures
Get the recipe here

Have a wonderful day! Think {LOVELY} thoughts!