About Me

I'm the girl who's in love with creativity & what the beauty of life offers! 

I'm a wife to an amazing husband, a mommy to an adorable little man and one little lady on the way, designer/creator, as well as a small business owner. 

Why the name Love Sparkle Pretty? One day, after deciding to create a blog, I sat down and wrote some words out that described how I feel and what I adore! Love-came to me from scripture "And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is LOVE." 1 Corinthians 13:13 We show God's love for us by loving others and loving and appreciating what we are given. Sparkle-what girl doesn't adore sparkle?! It's so feminine! lol Whenever I see something glistening, I stop and go, "oooohh what's that?!" haha It just seems like an instinct I guess. Last but certainly not least Pretty-I swoon over anything pretty! It can be from a simple little flower to an intricate grand chandelier! I love to make pretty things and I love to look at pretty things. These words inspire me every day! :)

From a little interview over at LaBelleMadeleine

-Please tell us who you are.
My name is Kayla (a.k.a. wife and mommy) and I blog over at Love Sparkle Pretty. I share my love for "pretty" things with DIY projects, wedding/event planning, floral design, styled photo shoots, bridal pieces, event décor and lots of inspiration! I love to find beauty in simplicity and magnifying it! I believe in following your dreams no matter how crazy they may seem because God gave you your gifts and talents for a good reason.
-When did you start creating your beautiful Hair Accessories?
When I got married to my wonderful husband in 2010, I created flower hairpieces for my bridesmaids as well as many other details for the big day. It all really started there! I opened up my Etsy shop and created pieces part time while going to nursing school, work, starting a family and everything in between. I ultimately left work and nursing school to do what I am really passionate about and work full time on growing Love Sparkle Pretty. I am currently enrolled in a floral design class, I will be working on a certificate for wedding/event planning and I have been working with more photographers to create visions for their shoots. It's been quite an adventure and I love it!
-What is your inspiration?
I think my initial inspiration is rooted from my grandmother who has always been so creative. When I was younger, I would go with her to all of her craft shows and I loved it! Now, when I get inspiration to create new pieces, it seems to hit me in all sorts of ways. For example, I can be inspired by just sketching ideas in a notebook, looking through magazines, strolling antique shops, playing with different fabrics, browsing blogs, and even just sitting under a tree in silence. When an idea for a project tugs at my heart, it's a pretty amazing feeling and I don't want to ever lose that!
-What else do you like to do for fun?
I love to spend time with my little family and take walks, watch movies, and play board games. Snowboarding is a favorite past time in the winter and sticking my toes in the sand is a must in the summer. If I get "alone time," usually you can find me sipping a hot soy chai, strolling antique shops, and frolicking through aisles and aisles of fabric…is that weird?
-Tell me one funny thing about you.
Well, it's not so "funny" to me but to my husband, he finds it hilarious. My second toe is longer than my big toe (like quite a bit longer). I think it's pretty normal but others have made comments about it. I just say, "it means I'm intelligent!" lol
-Tell me one of your dreams.
If you mean a future goal of mine then I definitely have an answer! I would LOVE to open a sweet little boutique with beautiful gardens where you can have tea parties, weddings, bridal showers, and other lovely celebrations. This same boutique would be my wedding and event planning "home" that also showcases many of the designs and creations made by me. One day…
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