Friday, June 17, 2011


I have been thinking that since my hairpieces have been selling quite well, I want to create a line of different hairpieces (about 12 or so) to photograph...the fun part? I also need about 4 or 5 girls to help me model them :) I'm thinking...end of July to hold this photoshoot. I will keep you guys updated! If you are interested, please contact me via facebook messages:
I will find a location and set up a "theme" which right now I'm thinking vintage summer fun with the girls in cute summer dresses...pearls...mary jane heels...have glass bottle sodas with cute striped straws...bubbles... etc. (my mind can go a bit crazy with ideas sometimes) If anyone would like to help style the shoot that would be AMAZING! I also have a couple photographers in mind to ask (if you are one and would be interested, contact me as well).
I want to send pictures to a couple different blogs as well as put them on my etsy shop site. So your help would be greatly appreciated in anyway if we can make this happen! :)
Details soon to come!

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