Thursday, June 16, 2011

Flower hairpiece overload! :D

My etsy shop has been open for 8 days now and I have already received 4 sales...not incl. the 2 custom listings I still have to post for a bride to be and a friend of mine...or the skirt that I still have to make once I go to the fabric district in LA on Saturday. So, needless to say, I have still managed to keep myself busy even though I just finished school 8 days ago as well :) I love what I do though so it's definitely NOT a complaint...I'm just scared to put anymore listings up that I have created! lol I have not exceeded posting more than 5 listings up at one time because my hairpieces keep selling :) So far, here are the 3 sales that I have completed and I am shipping out this morning to New York, Washington, & North Carolina!
This flower is for a woman in North Carolina that wanted a replica of a hairpiece that I made for one of my bridesmaids in my wedding back in august :)
This custom floral hairpiece is for a bride in Washington whose wedding is on July 9th. She wanted a flower similar to the one I wore on my wedding day but in all ivory and a bit smaller. She also sent me a picture of the way she wanted a bit of the birdcage veil to show and this is what we came up with! :D
This flower is also for a bride to be in New York. Instead of a hairpiece, she will attach it to her wedding dress :) This flower is inspired by a hairpiece I made for a bridal shower a couple months ago!
Each one is packaged with a hand written note, a card, tissue paper, and ribbon :) Now time to put them in bubble wrapped envelopes and head to the post office!!!
Next projects on my list are 2 custom hairpieces (one for a bride to be, one for a friend) & another ivory and lace hairpiece that was just ordered on etsy last well as the super adorable skirt I will start soon! :D

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