Monday, June 20, 2011

LA Fabric District Finds :)

On Saturday morning of June 18, 2011, I took a trip down to the LA fabric district with my grandma in search for some good finds...and boy did we! The first store we went into my mouth dropped and my grandma said, "Wow! We are like kids in a candy store!" There were aisles upon aisles of different trimmings (incl. lace which is my favorite!!), ribbons, appliques, buttons, jewlery, you name it!! We even got lost trying to find the restroom within all of the aisles! Here are just a FEW pictures I took looking up to the ceiling with appliques and ribbons:
We spent about 5 and a half hours in the fabric district and these are some things I brought home with me :) Enjoy!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
This is probably my favorite buy of the day (& most expensive...shhh)!!! It's SILK and beautiful and oh so feminine!! I was told I have expensive taste by the seller but it's gorgeous and can you not fall in love with this fabric?
I bought this ivory lace trimming with pearl strings. I use it in hairpieces :)
I bought this elastic type of lace to make little headbands with :)
I bought lots more buttons where these came from :) The majority of them were made in italy & france. I will use them for the center of flower hairpieces.
75 cents a yard for this ivory lace trimming!!
I fell in love with this vintage like lace :) & for 50 cents a yard...I was SOLD! Can you tell I'm just a bit obsessed with lace? lol
More lace ... :D
This pink floral cotton fabric and shimmery pink fabric are what I am currently making a little girls ruffled skirt out of :) It should be done in a couple more days!
I also bought lots of fabric for the nursery :) I still have another fabric I have to buy...something that's light brown but I bought the bulk of it and will start making the leaves for the tree on the wall as well as a little pillow (made with the fabric on top) and I'm sure I can find other things to make in the nursery as well with left over fabric :)
The last find of the day came when my grandma and I got lost trying to find our way home (darn LA freeways)! We were lead to an Olympic Donut shop where we gorged on some ham and cheese croissants and I also endulged on a large chocolate shake!!! YUMMM!!! It certainly was a great day!!! :D

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