Wednesday, October 31, 2012

{Cupcakes at Dusk//Inspiration + DIYS}

After much inspiration from pretty posts (created by other creative people) on Pinterest of course, I decided that I needed to bake up some cupcakes and take some photos! I wanted to create a mini inspiration piece for a wedding or even a bridal shower. Not your average day of events but it was a good one. :)

Here are some photos of the little photoshoot that I took on my camera phone in my backyard. I took SOO many photos and just narrowed them down to a few because even though they were all so pretty, a person can only look at cupcakes for so long right? :)

{Below are ways to create your own similar look for your next event}

A couple nights ago, I got this idea to make some really cute cupcake toppers. I started by cutting out some hearts on ivory card stock paper (4 hearts all together so I could make them double-sided), painted them with gold glitter paint and used tooth picks (one in between 2 hearts) so I could top them on a cupcake. I also used some ivory ribbon which I cut the ends of and stamped the words "I DO" and "ME TOO" on ivory card stock paper which I then glued to the ribbons. It was quite simple and yet so fun! I think these would be perfect for a bridal shower too and use the words "SHE SAID YES!"

Once I topped the cupcakes, I added some pretty lace fabric around them. (Love it!)
Another idea could be to tie a ribbon bow around the cupcakes using glitter ribbon, satin ribbon, or even some simple jute twine which would give a more rustic look!

After the cupcakes were dressed, I set them upon a little cake stand which I made using a candle stick and candle plate holder from the dollar store! I painted both items ivory and glued them together using E3600 glue and TA-DA a small stand! For a full tutorial to make a 3 tiered cake stand using items from the dollar store, click here.

So you know how Mason Jars are EVERYWHERE now and used for so many crafts? Well, I decided that instead of mason jars (which can be a bit expensive sometimes-although I do love them) I decided to start reusing my son's baby food jars which I turned into those hanging candle holders! Once I was done feeding my son, I would take the labels off, scrub and clean the jars and for this project, I used some gold jewlery wire (for around the jars) and clear fishing wire to hang them at different lengths. I could really see this display at a wedding around the reception or ceremony from the trees or even behind a dessert table or sweetheart table. It's so pretty, romantic, and yet so simple to DIY!
How do pretty photos on Pinterest inspire you?

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

{EXCITING finds + our trip to Oak Glen}

This morning, our family went on our annual trip to Oak Glen to enjoy some fall festivities. We arrived at about 8:30 am and headed straight to the homemade apple and cinnamon donuts (I have been craving them for a while now)-sooo YUMMY! We then went and had some breakfast, walked around to see the vendors, fed some deer, played with the softest bunny rabbits ever, and did some shopping which leads me to sharing my awesome finds today!
(Or at least I think they are awesome!)
I found this cool red and gold statement ring for super cheap amongst lots of other trinkets. I think it makes a perfect fall ring-see the leaf shapes? :)

Next up, see those little "chocolate covered strawberries?" I was SOOOO excited to stumble upon these! I almost didn't even see these because they were clustered in with so many other random items but as soon as my eyes met them, I HAD to have them (& at $2.99 each, even more so). 
Why would I need fake little strawberry desserts might you ask? Well, I created this little cake stand (my tutorial here) and I got these chocolate scented-chocolate truffle candles to add to the stand in our kitchen. I decided that I would go on a hunt for more little dessert pieces to add to the collection and so, when I saw the strawberries, they were perfect! 
Next up, cupcakes and donuts! :) 

On our way home driving through Yucaipa, we spotted a yard sale which is where I found this piece (& only $2)! This would be a cute decor piece for parties, styled shoots, etc. I'm going to get a few glass plates from the $1 store (white) & paint the iron either ivory (shabby chic style) or gold. Not sure yet. 
What do you think? 

I thought those were all quite exciting pieces don't you? 
hahaha :) 

Now for some pictures of the day. 
(My camera on my phone started acting up and adding a crazy glare so I didn't take as many as I wanted) 


A beautiful morning in the mountains. 
There were peacocks running around! So pretty!
& our little family.
(^see the crazy glare I'm talking about?)
It was such a good little family day!
If you haven't gone yet, I highly recommend the homemade donuts and the caramel apples!

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Friday, October 26, 2012

The shop has REOPENED TODAY! New scarves//discount code//giveaway!!!

The shop has officially reopened today!
 I'm quite excited and have added a few new items!
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fall Inspired Portrait Shoot//Featuring Love Sparkle Pretty

A dear friend of mine asked me if I had any accessory pieces that could be used for her fall inspired photoshoot. Once I found out that she was using pinecones, burnt orange, and little deer stationary, I couldn't resist! I created a little pine cone necklace and burnt orange fabric rosette ring. Both of these pieces are now available in the shop! Aurora from Vilcis Squared is such a beautiful person inside and out and her photos really capture that! What's really cool about her shoot was that she was photographing another photographer-Desiree Shuey from Desiree Shuey Photography!
You know there will be such great magic when 2 photographers collaborate!
The pretty hairstyling and makeup was created by Ashley Jael, and those delicious looking pies are made by Janelle Ungaro.
Want to see more of this lovely portrait shoot?
Go to Vilchis Squared-right here!
Pine Cone Necklace + Fabric Ring: from my shop-Love Sparkle Pretty (will be available this week!)
Model: Desiree Shuey
 Hair + Make Up: Ashley Jael
 Photography + Wardrobe / Accessory / Prop Styling: Aurora of Vilchis Squared
 Miniature Pies: Janelle Ungaro
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Monday, October 22, 2012

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A while back when I first created my Facebook page, I said that I would do a giveaway when I hit 150 "likes." Well, I took a break for a while but I'm back and hit that 150 mark. SOOOOOO...a giveaway it is! I was originally going to giveaway a headband but seeing how the new cooler season is upon us, I think it's appropriate to give this infinity scarf away.
What do you think? :)
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Sunday, October 21, 2012

A favorite fall color this year {Burnt Orange}

There always seems to be a new color each season that I am instantly attracted to and this Fall, it is definitely {burnt orange}. It just seems to captivate the essence of the season and makes me think of the cooler season, the crisp air, and for some reason...I then want my favorite hot drink at Starbucks-{hot soy chai. no water. 2 pumps chai. 1 pump vanilla. no foam. light whip cream. thank you very much.} I love the little details of this color and the not so little details of this color.
This dress is oh so lovely!

Love these skinnies! I actually tried some on at Marshall's but they didn't have my right size! Sad. I will try looking for some more of these soon!

A field of flowers and this dress? Yes please!

I ADORE this look! Large t-shirt, cardigan, scarf, and messy bun. Looks so effortless yet still pretty. pretty. pretty.

Love this cardigan!

A pop of color with this scarf? Looks so cozy!

Gorgeous! Looks like it belongs in Vogue...because it is in Vogue of course!

Knit sweater. Geek Chic.

What is your favorite color this Fall?

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ashley + Mark's Rustic Chic Wedding--Featuring A Love Sparkle Pretty Bridal Hairpiece!!

I just received these photos from Ashley in VA who is now a newlywed! :) A few months ago, I had the pleasure to create a bridal hairpiece for her big day. {It was an ivory flower with mustard yellow details and touches of lace as well as a detachable birdcage veil} I was so excited to see the photos from her wedding day! She looked absolutely stunning and her and her husband Mark are such a cute couple! Congrats to the both of you! Thank you so much for sharing your photos Ashley. Made my day. :)

Aren't all of the details gorgeous? I love the fabric bouquet and doorknob centerpieces!
:::happy sigh:::
Want to more of this beautiful wedding?
Click Here Photography Credit: Ali Caudill