Monday, June 25, 2012

{Manicure Monday}--Summertime Celebration

Today, I used Wet n Wild nail polish for my manicure. They have super cute new colors & the polish is super affordable! I just went into Walgreen's and they were buy 2 get 1 FREE! Can't beat that! :)

The colors I'm wearing are:
I need a Refresh-Mint
& Party of Five Sparkles

I love the combination of these polishes because they remind me of a mermaid and seeing how the first day of Summer was just a couple days ago, it seemed pretty appropriate.

What are your favorite colors of polish this Summer?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Lots of new pieces created!!

It's funny, although I announced that was I "back from my break" in my last post, my blog has not seen a single new post since then!
{P.S. Thank you so much for your guys' love & support too! Whether it was a beautiful comment you sent me, an email, phone call, or just simply following and reading my posts--I really appreciate it!}
Sorry for such quiet time around here...
I really have been quite the busy little lady outside of the bloggy world!
I wanted to share what I have created recently and what I am still working on (although not every piece will be shown).
I made this custom boutonniere for a wedding in Canada this past week. The bride contacted me with a unique design and I put my own little creativity into it and
It's certainly not like any other design I have made before. Love it!
I made this matching set for my good friend and her little girl on the way. It's a momma flower and a baby headband made from pink chiffon fabric, black marabou feathers, and black glass beads.
This is a custom bridal piece I am working on for a wedding in Australia. I added a bit of detail to match the brides dress with handsewn beads, lace, satin, chiffon, crystals and feathers. When the piece is completely done, I will post more about it! It is a bit of a different version of "Perfect Elegance" which is available here in the shop!
This is a custom headband made for a 3 year old flower girl in a wedding coming up this weekend. It turned out so stinkin' cute with light pink peony petals, champagne and ivory lace, pearl detail, a crystal brooch, and ivory stretch lace for the headband.
I sent out this dainty rosette necklace to my blog giveaway winner--Desirae from Going with the flow. :)
I made this custom dainty rosette necklace for a wonderful customer in Germany. She asked for red rosettes with turquiose beads and I made just that! You can purchase your own rosette necklace here in the shop. :)
I made this custom wedding hairpiece to match a brides wedding dress sash with a polka dot guinea feathers and chiffon. I love the layers of the light and airy petals!
I also sent out another "Tiffany" hairpiece which is one of the "original" pieces from
Love Sparkle Pretty.
As you can tell, It may look like I was still on a break but my poor blog has been the only one to suffer inactivity.
On top of these pieces (I also have a few more I am working on), I just started summer school this week!
I'm hoping that my Nursing Pharmacology class will still allow me somewhat of a normal summer. We shall see about that far, not looking like it.
In a positive light, I have a family reunion to attend this weekend! :)
Got to love those right? :)
I'm actually quite excited! I wonder how many "crazy" stories there will be?!?!
{Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend!}

Thursday, June 14, 2012

{I'm BAAACK!}--Recap with a Confession + a Prayer Request

It was so good to be able to take a break from my blog and a break from taking new orders in the shop. I was tempted several times to post though--but I would tell myself otherwise and did pretty good!
I took a break for several reasons (you can read more about why below) and I feel better enough now that I was able to just take a step back and give myself some breathing room. I'm excited to start creating new items (several are already on their way to be added to the shop soon) & some new posts!
Want to know what I have been up to this whole time?
Here's a little recap of these past couple weeks! :)
I helped a friend host her adorable baby shower for her little Julia--on her way next month! She did a little birdie theme and it came out so darn cute! Here are some photos of the decor which most was DIY.

You may remember these cupcake towers from my post last month.
 Click here to make your very own! :)

The fabric chandelier I made for Julia's room was also hung at the shower.
With lots of cutting of various fabrics & tying to an embroidery hoop, it's fairly easy to make! :)

Everything turned out so beautifully Megan and I can't wait to meet Julia!
She will be beautiful-inside and out just like her mommy. :)
I also gave myself a little manicure while on my break.
I used Need a Refresh-Mint by Wet N Wild & I added rose gold glitter to the tips.

The babies also got together... Cousins Emilee and Levi and BFF Laila.
While my husband caught up on some yard work...I caught up on some relaxing...
I also caught up on
* learning how to crochet
* made some tamales with the family
* saw a movie with the husband--at the theater
* went swimming at my mom's house
* studied a bit for my upcoming math test before NP1
* started our new bible study for every Tuesday night
Not only did I catch up on some relaxing and spending some much needed time with my family, I also visited the Dr. and found out some news that made me realize why I was feeling the way I did. I had been going through a lot--stressing over school, getting several rushed orders done, still adjusting to being at home and working on my "domestic abilities," being a mommy and the errands and places to be in between. I had been feeling really tired and run down and completely NOT like myself (which is why this little break was much needed)! When I visited the Dr. this past week, I found out that I have severe hypothyroidism which explains why I have been feeling the way I do. For anyone who has not been through this, it changes SO MUCH about your body--physically and emotionally and it is NOT fun.
{You can read more about what it is here}
I am now on my way to feeling better--soon hopefully. I would like to ask if you could keep me in your prayers as I go through treatment.
**On top of that, I also have a confession:
I found my first gray hair!!!
I'm not sure that a girl (a young one at that) should be admitting this but it freaked me out! It took me a while to decide whether or not I should leave it or pull it out but I finally decided to pull it out and I'm hoping that "7 won't come to it's funeral!"
Anyone else have this problem?
On a happier note, I ended my break yesterday with a trip to the beach with my husband, our son (his first trip to the beach!), & our good friends Ian, Megan, and their adorable 2-year old Caleb. Here are some photos of the amazing and super fun day that we had...not to mention all of the crazy conversations we had--we will keep those to ourselves! lol 

These photos are from "The Top of the World" in Laguna Beach.
It was really cold but soo pretty & gorgeous to say the least!

This verse is on my heart and has helped me and will continue to help me get through the times where I just feel overwhelmed and run down.
I hope this may be a reminder to you as well throughout your day.
{Have a BEAUTIFUL rest of the week!}

Sunday, June 3, 2012

WINNER of My 100 Followers Blog Giveaway!!!!

The winner of my 100 followers blog giveaway
by random draw is
 Desirae from Going with the Flow!
Congrats on winning this dainty rosette necklace! :)
email me at: kaylanicole0317[at]
Thank you guys sooo very much for entering and the enormous support I get every single day!
I love you guys! :)
More giveaways to come!

Taking a {BREAK} + GIVEAWAY Reminder--Ends TONIGHT

I have decided that after one more post tonight (deciding the winner for my giveaway), I will be taking a break from my blog as well as from my etsy shop.
In the meantime, I will be finishing up lots of orders I have received and then taking a little "breather" to spend some time with my family and slowing down a bit.
As many of you know, I am a nursing student as well as wife and mommy along with keeping up with my love of crafting--but sometimes it can be a bit much for one person. I just finished a class and I start another one in about 2 weeks so before then, I want to enjoy some down time and relax for a little while.
I will be on a "break" for about 2 weeks but I will be back in the swing of things again soon!

Some things I have lined up for the blog afterwards are pictured below as a little "preview." :)

Just a reminder, I will be choosing the winner TONIGHT for my
100 followers blog giveaway
for this dainty rosette necklace. :)
So get your enteries in now before 5pm California time! lol
Thank you guys sooo very much!
I love all of the support and love I have received!
You guys are the best! :)
{Have a BEAUTIFUL day}