Friday, March 20, 2015

{Personal} 39 Week Bump Update

As of Monday, I am 39 weeks pregnant (although this photo was taken at 38 weeks and 5 days but we will pretend it was at 39 weeks)! I still can't believe how fast time has flewn yet how slow it seems to be passing by. We are playing the waiting game over here and practicing our patience because we are so anxious to meet this little girl already.

Since daddy is now on vacation leave from work, he is also going a bit stir crazy waiting for the arrival of our little girl. I'm so excited for our Levi to meet his baby sister too! We went and got him a few gifts to give him when he meets her. From Lyla to her big brother Levi. <3

Lately, we've had family come over and help out as well as "spoil" me which I haven't asked for but I'm completely fine with since I will have my hands full before I know it. I'm not one to really ask for a whole lot. I'm learning to let people help. SO incredibly thankful for my family and friends!!

Here are some updates:

Size of Baby: In terms of fruit/vegetable comparisons, she's about the size of a mini watermelon and about 7lbs (according to baby websites). My son was 6lbs 11oz and I know I look like I'm packing a basketball in there but I'm hoping she will be around the same size as my son (yes, I was pretty big with my son too).

Sleep: It's not the best but it's more than I will be getting once our little one arrives. When 3am rolls around, I'm up (it never fails) so I use that time to use the restroom and rotate laying on my other side once I get back to bed for a few more hours (if I'm lucky).

Best Moments: Although I'm anxious to meet our little girl, I really have been enjoying the quiet moments with her. I know I'm going to miss being pregnant so I've taken opportunities to actually relax and enjoy the calm before the storm (that is, labor).
Levi has also been really cute with her and will take my stethoscope and try to listen to his little sister. He also has been really helpful too! I was having a contraction and I said, "ow!" as I placed my hand on my stomach. He immediately looked at me with such an innocent yet concerned look, ran to the bathroom, grabbed a band-aid, lifted up my shirt and placed the band-aid on my tummy. It was the cutest thing!

I've also been enjoying the time I've gotten with visits from my family. They've come over to make breakfast, bring lunch (thank you Aunt Erin for my Jack Rice!) and have cooked dinner for us! I will never turn down some yummy food and time with the ones I love!

Worst Moment: That would definitely have to be the moment where I chased after my 3 year old son at the park because he thought it was funny to run away from mommy and head to the parking lot. Without second thought (after he wasn't coming back as I called him), I ran after him-huge belly and all! Once I caught up to him, I was able to grab his shirt and when I did, I fell to my knees with him (don't worry, baby is ok). Needless to say, he got in BIG trouble for that but so did mommy because I couldn't walk for 2 days! I was in SO much pain from the strain of the running and falling to my knees.

Miss Anything: I miss being able to sleep in different positions other than on my side, being able to walk painlessly & at a quicker pace (I feel like a penguin!) and carrying my son if I wanted-now it's strictly cuddles on the couch and floor.

Symptoms: Last time I went to the midwives, I was 2cm dilated and about 75% effaced. I'm having a lot more uncomfortable contractions although they aren't consistent and more cramping. Trying to walk more when I can but really, this girl will come when she's ready.

I love you so much little one. I've loved you before I heard your heart beat for the first time, before I felt you move in my womb, before I've even looked into your eyes and before I could kiss you for the first time. I pray for you just about every day. I pray that your life would be beautiful, purposeful and full of grace, hope and faith. I pray that you would love the Lord with your whole heart and follow His purpose for your life. 
You are so incredibly loved not only by your mommy but also your daddy, big brother, grandmas, grandpas, great grandparents, great aunts, aunties, uncles and COUNTLESS more!! We are SO excited to finally meet you baby girl!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Breakfast at Tiffany's Bridal Shower

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of throwing a bridal shower for a dear friend of mine who is getting married to her high school sweetheart in May! With the help of the bridesmaids and mommas, we put together a Breakfast at Tiffany's themed shower which turned out even better than I could have asked for! I was in charge of all the invites, decor and coordinating so after scouring Pinterest and thinking of some pretty yet budget friendly ideas, it all came together beautifully for an afternoon to celebrate our beloved Bride to Be.

With black and white stripes, tiffany blue, pale pink, pearls and diamonds for details, I posted some ideas at the end of the post on how to throw a similar party for a shower, birthday or brunch friends.

Here are some of the photos captured of the lovely afternoon we had.

I am so happy for you Steph and this new life adventure ahead of you and Nathan! I'm so honored to be able to stand at the alter with you as you say, "I DO" to the man of your dreams. I pray for an unconditional love for all the years to come in your marriage. I pray for growth not only in your love between one another but also for your friendship and spiritual walk as ONE. I pray for strength, forgiveness and grace in the hard times and complete joy and appreciation throughout the years.
I love you friend!

Budget friendly decor tips for a 
Breakfast at Tiffany's Bridal Shower

Centerpieces & Tables: I bought some tiffany blue paper bags from Party City which I tried my best to write the Tiffany & Co. logo on with a sharpie marker (I'm sure you can order tiffany bags online but I was running out of time). I filled the bags with mason jars and white and pink fresh flowers I picked up from the Farmer's Market a couple days prior (I really wanted roses but couldn't find the perfect roses anywhere I went). I used silver trays which I found from the Dollar Tree to place the centerpieces on. I also printed some Audree Hepburn prints from the computer to stick on photo holders and strung some faux pearls (both from Hobby Lobby) on the trays.
For the runners, I bought a tiffany blue plastic table cloth from Party City and cut it into 3 strips. I layed them on cloth-like table clothes which I also bought from Party City. To top off the table decor, I sprinkled faux diamonds (from Hobby Lobby) down the runner.

Photo and Dessert Backdrop: We needed backdrops that were simple yet captured the theme of the shower. For both the photo and dessert backdrops we strung streamers against the wall to create the patterns we desired-tiffany blue and modern stripes. We also used white balloons and a banner I made to attach to the photo backdrop. Easy-Peasy!

Other Decor: I thought a chandelier was certainly a must! I couldn't get a hold of a diamond chandelier so instead, I opted for a fun black chandelier from Hobby Lobby to hang above the dessert table. I also wanted to incorporate some "Tiffany & Co. boxes" so I painted a few boxes the closest to tiffany blue that I could, tied white ribbon bows around them and placed them in a few strategic spots.

Bride & Groom Advice Cards: A Bride and Groom could always use some encouragement, advice and silly stories as they embark on a new life journey together. Everyone had a lot of fun filling out the advice cards which I downloaded for free right here from The Elli Blog.

Invitations: I ordered these print at home Invites and Thank You Cards from Chromo Cuttle on Etsy which the shop owner customized for me with a black and white striped background instead of the damask print as well as some re-wording of the invite greeting. I got my order right away and highly recommend this shop for printables! 
In the invites, I added a note for the guests which said, "Darling, come dressed to impress in pearls and your favorite little black dress!" Guests had fun with this and each arrived in their pretty LBDs!

There were many other little details added to the shower as well. The ideas are really endless with this feminine and glamorous shower theme! What are some ideas you can think of?

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

{Personal-Baby Time} What to Pack for the Hospital

I am 38 weeks pregnant as of yesterday and these past few days, I have been nesting like CRAZY!! I've had a surge of energy to get things done and I can now say that I am ready whenever little Lyla is! 
One of the tasks that has been completed was packing the bag for the hospital. I made a little list of items that I needed which I will share here.

First, I decided to pack my new diaper bag from Seaport Stitches as my hospital tote since it's big enough to hold everything. Plus, it has 6 pockets total which helps with organizing the essentials! 

For toiletry essentials, I packed a zippered pouch with items that will help me feel refreshed after the child-bearing tasks that leaves a momma feeling and looking tired. I remember after having my son how much of a wreck I felt like and when I looked at photos with everyone who came to visit, I definitely saw it as well. This time, I wanted to be a little more prepared so some of the toiletries I packed are:
*Burt's Bees Facial Wipes
*Burt's Bees Moisturizing Lip Balm
*Cetaphil Face Wash & Face Lotion
*Mascara & Eyeliner
*Face Powder (not pictured-in bag)
*Comb & Hair tie
*Contacts & Solution
*Eye Glasses (not pictured)

For baby, I know the hospital provides just about everything but I wanted to bring an outfit for our Lyla Rose to come home in as well as a floral crown I made her the other day. P.S. I may be adding more of these baby floral headbands to the shop upon reopening! 

For me, I am definitely coming home comfortably! Sweats, a tank, socks, slippers (not pictured), a soft nursing bra, clean undies (obviously not pictured) and nursing pads it is! Since I will still be sore and look 5 months pregnant, there's no need to be fancy here. 
Don't forget daddy too! He should bring at least one comfy change of clothes as well!

More essentials to add to your hospital bag:
*DEFINITELY a copy of your medical records (you will get them from your OB or Midwife)
*Insurance Card
*Photo I.D.
*Birth Plan (if you have one)
*Camera, Video Camera (I packed both)
*Phone & Charger
*Essential oils for relaxing (Lavender is a good stress reliever)
*A nursing pillow (the hospital provides pillows but if you feel more comfortable using your own for relaxing or a nursing pillow for breast feeding then go ahead and bring it)
*A towel (one that you don't care too much about) to lay down on the seat on your way to the hospital. That way, if your water breaks or you leak fluid, you're covered.
*Something to read since you will be at the hospital for a couple days after having baby
*Some money for vending machines if you wish
*A gift for older sibling(s). Since we are having our second baby, we want to bring a small gift for our Levi to help him feel included and remind him that he is just as special as the new baby. It will be a big day for him as well since he will become a big brother!
*A notepad or journal to document thoughts that are still fresh from a life changing experience
*A receiving blanket for baby to go home with (the hospital provides blankets but you may want to bring your own as you bring your new baby home)
*A car seat that's strapped in correctly. You don't have to bring it the first day you arrive if a family member can bring it to you later but you will need one correctly installed in your car before you are allowed to take your new baby home.

For the most part, the hospital provides everything you may need but it's always nice to be prepared with your own things. Just remember, you aren't moving into the hospital! You don't want to bring suitcases with you because not only will your space be limited but you also don't want the hassle of lugging everything in and trying to find something like your chapstick amongst several other items.

What are some essentials you recommend for the hospital?

We only have 2 weeks left until our due date!! So excited to meet our little girl SOON!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

& That's a Wrap!!

Hello Weekend!

I'm so excited to share that I've officially completed all of the last of my orders before reopening shop in late May/early June! A couple weeks ago, I put the shop on vacay since we will be expecting our second little love very soon and with a list of pieces that needed to be created and shipped, I can now say that they are all on their way to their new homes.

Here are just a few of the recent orders I've shipped out-many of them custom.

This is a custom garter set for a sweet May bride created with blush pink and ivory details. Added some rhinestones and feathers to complete the look.

These custom bracelet sets are for much loved bridesmaids who will be standing next to their dear friend as she marries the man of her dreams in May!

This is a custom Every Floral Crown with smaller peach flowers in the back and added babys breath throughout. I took photos before I added the soft inner lining of the crown.

These corsage pins were requested by a bride recently. She found an older design that I had created a while back that was originally a flower clip attached to a small veil for the hair. She reached out to me to create a very similar design as a corsage pin for the mothers and grandmothers to wear on her big day. These were created specially for her and I loved the way they turned out. It was fun to recreate an old design and make it new again!

I created a package for a bride and her bridesmaids for 6 crowns and adornments-4 of them being custom (the other two were the Juliet Crown and Claire Adornment-not pictured).

& that's a wrap for now! I will share more in a later post but until then, have a great weekend friends!

Friday, March 6, 2015

{Personal} 37 Week Bump Update + Recents

As of this past Monday, I'm 37 weeks pregnant with our little girl, Lyla Rose. I can't believe how fast time has gone and we are now at the point where we will be meeting our little one almost any day now! Throughout this whole pregnancy, I've felt so ready to meet Lyla. I've had little worries and have been pretty prepared to be a momma of two...until recently. Maybe it's just the realization that she will be here soon but lately, I feel like I'm racing against time to prepare the house, nursery, baby essentials and my emotions to welcoming another tiny soul into our home. I am more than excited to finally kiss her little cheeks, snuggle her tiny body, stare into her new eyes and meet her face to face! I'm just also nervous for the new adventure ahead-becoming a momma of multiples. When I ask friends who have more than one child about preparing for another baby, they tell me that I will adjust. That's how it is-there's no real preparing just do when the time comes & I believe it. As much as I want a solid answer, everything is going to be ok.
Thank you Jesus.

This week so far...

The little man and I enjoyed the sunshine in the hammock while we read some of his favorite books. It wasn't the best idea to crawl into a hammock being so pregnant but I did eventually make my way out...safely.

The husband and I fried up some apple fritters after I found this recipe for them on Pinterest. They were DELISH!! I've been craving sweets SO much this last trimester which is a huge change since the first half of this pregnancy, I only wanted fruit and vegetable soup. Needless to say, I've been enjoying the sweets.

I started on the redo of the crib wall. Since my son knocked down the prior decor of the nursery (see what it looked like here), I've had to rethink what I will be placing above the crib. I went a little simple this time yet detailed with this lace decor piece and watercolor print by Katie Daisy. I will share more of the nursery when it's all complete.

I created our daughter's first headbands. Believe it or not, I didn't have any headbands for our little girl which is surprising since I'm all about creating pretty pieces (especially to wear in the hair). I made her a few of her first flower crowns which I used soft stretch lace for. I came up with this idea since she will be laying down most of the time as a newborn, I wanted her to be comfortable without flowers all the way around her head. I simply love these designs and may even add some to the shop upon reopening in a few months...or hosting an instasale on the IG sales page @shoplsp.

My next task to complete is packing my bag for the hospital. I recently received my diaper bag from Seaport Stitches which I am in LOVE with!! I will be packing it for the hospital as well as our trips out of the house. I love that although it's a "diaper bag," it doesn't look like one and when Lyla is old enough to not need a diaper bag anymore, I can use it as a cute tote! I will be sharing my list of hospital essentials soon. Any advice on what I should bring?

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Lists and Prepping for Baby Number

It is now officially March-the month of my due date! The shop has been on vacation for almost 2 weeks now and this list is actually getting smaller and smaller! I just have a few things left to finish as far as the shop goes but soon, I will be tackling another list...the list of things to do to get ready for baby #2! 

So far, the laundry is done and hung up for Lyla Rose but I still have to find a dresser that will accommodate both hers and her brother's clothes, re-do the nursery wall (remember this? Well, all of the decor was knocked off the wall  by big brother and, I have to rethink things here). We also have a few things left to find which has been stored in the garage such as the bobby pillow, breast pump, etc and pack for the hospital trip! I just ordered a diaper bad from Seaport Stitches that I LOVE and can't wait to pack full of necessities because seriously, it's the cutest diaper bag (that totally doesn't look like a diaper bag)! I will be sharing more about it when it arrives in the mail soon. I also have to sanitize and clean, clean, clean! I've been so disorganized lately trying to race against time to get everything done so I have quite a bit of catching up to do.

Any pointers, tips, advice on prepping for baby #2?? Please, please, please!