Monday, April 29, 2013

A maternity photo shoot + a minion themed baby shower

For the past couple months, I have been planning a friends baby shower to welcome their little "minion" who is due in July. I told them that I would also help by snapping some maternity photos to use at the shower (which will be-you guessed it-a minion themed shower). It was a lot of fun being behind the lens and capturing such a cute couple! Here's a few that I took and I can't wait to use some of them within the decor of the shower next month!

Here's a little inspiration board I came up with for the shower theme.

I've never seen a minion baby shower before so it's a bit of a challenge but I have some pretty creative ideas to tie it all together. I'm pretty excited for this one! :)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Just entered the "iPhone dark side"

Yesterday, I was FINALLY able to upgrade my phone! Since January, I have had my super ancient Droid Eris because my son broke my Droid 3 (which I loved) by drooling all over it. Ha! You can read a bit more about that incident right here.
Since then, I have been patiently waiting to get a new phone and have all of my apps back including Instagram, Starbucks and Joanns to name a few. I also downloaded the Vine app because I have heard some great things but I still haven't used it yet. What do you think about it?

I have now entered the "iPhone dark side"...
bum bum buummm

Monday, April 22, 2013

Floral Design (+ prom set) + Wedding/Event Planning course {update}

The week of the 8th was Spring Break for our floral design class so I didn't do an update. The arrangement that we came back to was called "Imagination Blooms." It was definitely the most interesting design I've done and I actually really liked it! This was also the easiest and quickest piece I've done in the class.
We used asiatic lilies, spray roses, dendrobium orchids, green button mums, bear grass, solidago, curly willow, orgonia, Ti leaves, orgonia, and ming fern.
It's kinda "wild" but it's fun and it looks expensive!

 I also created a corsage and boutonniere set for my pastor's son and his girlfriend . They went to prom together (so cute) and I was asked to create the corsage and boutonniere using red and silver. So, I used red  spray roses, white wax flower, lemon leaf, clear rhinestones, gray pearls, silver glitter leaves, silver ribbon and silver tulle with bits of glitter on it.
Here's what I came up with.

As for my wedding and event planning course, I am now on Unit 2 where I am starting to get into the "business side of things." This weeks lesson is all about the budget.
Talking about money isn't the easiest thing to do but it was certainly interesting and when planning a large event that requires so many details and different vendors, it's important to really be open and talk numbers.
Since the audio portion of this lesson is done by a wedding planner out of NY, it's mind-boggling to hear the cost of a wedding in that state! Just for catering alone can be hundreds of dollars per person!
I also read that the average cost per person to have as a guest at a wedding is $118 in the U.S. and is usually more than $200 in the northeastern part of the country. *Note to self, don't get our vow renewals done in NY. This cost includes food, drink, cake, music, invites, thank-you notes and facility costs. It's kinda crazy to think of each guest as a Benjamin Franklin (+ an Andrew Jackson) but it may be necessary if you want to keep costs down.
Going over contracts and what should be in them is also covered in this lesson which is quite helpful yet sounds exhausting. lol
I still have a couple more pages with this lesson and then I'm onto reading about wedding attire. It's been a productive week recently!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Recently. {pretty pieces + free coffee + naps}

Lately, I have been a busy body working on several different orders ranging from wedding pieces to cute flower hairpieces. It's such a blessing to do what I love!
I'm still trying to juggle a busy "work schedule" with home life and it's a little difficult since I work from home. Although I make my own schedule, I still have deadlines to meet and people counting on me so getting into a routine is my challenge. If you have any advice, this wife, mommy and handmade business owner would much appreciate it! :)
In the mean time, here are some of my recent orders/pieces of handcrafted love.

This was a custom order of boutonnieres that I just sent out to Illinois. It was such a pleasure to work with the bride on her adornments for the guys. Although there was a lot of "mind changing" on her end, this bride was so funny and positive which made working with her a joy! I can't wait to see the photos of the big day!

These 3 hairpieces were made for a really good friend of mine. They are so fun and perfect for spring!

For the first time, I created a garter set (yes I am admitting this) and I absolutely ADORE them! I used vintages broaches, rhinestones, feathers, chiffon, and hand cut lace to create these pretty little treasures. I have another custom order for a garter set and will be adding garters to the shop soon!

This antique-inspired boutonniere just went out to Georgia to adorn a prom date. I love getting orders for high school homecoming dances and prom! Reminds me of those funny memories that seem to have taken place so long ago.

This one of a kind bridal hairpiece was sent out to Alabama for a wedding that is actually taking place tomorrow! So happy for this bride and I can't wait to see the photos!

That's about it for the sharing of some recent orders. Makes me so happy to be able to send a little piece of my craft room to someone else's doorstep miles away. :)

Other than working in the craft room, I have also:
*started a new devotion in the book of Matthew
*received a free cup of coffee from Starbucks (whoop!)
*killed a gigantic spider while just about having an anxiety attack
*been puked on by my oh so adorable son
*received {just because} flowers from the husband

*opened up my new Gussy Sews package-hello super cute camera strap cover

*made an entire platter of food for women's bible study-pretty proud of myself because I will usually just pick something up from the store
*took a small afternoon nap because sometimes, the need succeeds the want

Have a beautiful weekend my friends!

Monday, April 15, 2013

{Inspiration} A fun mini tablescape

Two weeks ago in floral design class, I created a colorful springtime arrangement. Since I am horrible at constantly watering any flower, the arrangement that served as a centerpiece on our kitchen table started wilting away. Before I decided to throw it out, I plucked some of the flowers that were still decent and decided to create a mini inspiration post for a simple, yet fun tablescape.


I wrapped a few of the flower stems in lace trimming, used some glitter clothespins from my shop and attached a chalkboard tag (which was created with card stock and chalkboard paint) to each.

For the centerpiece, I used a milk vase which I just recently thrifted and filled it with daisies and mini carnations. I also added a paper doily and a small ornate frame for a bit of extra detail.

It's so fun for spring and I'm happy I was able to "recycle" my dying floral arrangement! :D

Have a beautiful week my friends!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The post about an emotional wreck, sort of.

It all started a couple days ago when I received a disappointing email. It was from Patchwork which was the juried craft show that my friend and I entered together. It was the first juried show that I have ever entered (& only the second show that I entered with Love Sparkle Pretty). It was a letter of denial into the show and they didn't really give an exact reason why-only about 5 reasons that it could have been. I felt so rejected and I cried as if I got denied into the university of my dreams! This is when I realized...I am a big. cry. baby.
I blame all of my sensitive emotions on becoming a mom. I mean, I don't remember crying over just about everything before having my son! These are just some moments that I'm talking about:
*While watching The Voice, I hear a beautiful life story and then get all teary-eyed when the person starts to sing.
*My husband starts on a "serious talk" and although he's not even mad at me, I start to sob.
*Thinking about my son growing up or what would happen if he didn't have us in his life anymore is cause for some serious knots in my throat.
*I watch a wedding-pretty much any wedding and the tears fill my eyes. This goes for proposals as well!
*A good song comes on and I may be hearing it for the first time-yet, the water works turn on (latest song was "Hey Pretty Girl by Kip Moore).
*When I talk about certain decisions I've made in the past or experiences (and they're good ones) that I've gone through...yup-tears.
*A baby commercial/baby story. You guessed it.
*Singing certain worship songs in church get me all chocked up.
*Thinking about my dad who passed. It's been almost 8 years and it's still hard to think that he's gone.
*When I totally blanked out on the answers after a teacher tested me with some questions. Again, I cried.
*Watching a really happy ending to a movie. Actors/actresses are so good at what they do!

The list goes on. Some reasons are pretty "normal" to be emotional about but most are just down right dramatic!

Now, I can be pretty good at stopping myself from crying so don't think of me as the girl who's constantly in tears and gets my feelings hurt over anything anyone says. lol I'm not depressed. Promise. :)

I am just curious if anyone else feels the same or has gone through a weird emotional phase? Please say it's not just me! Haha!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Thrift Haul {Dress Overload}

A few days ago, one of our local thrift stores had a 50% off sale on everything! With that said, I was there as soon as they opened. This was partly due to the fact that I was in this store the day prior and saw a gorgeous coffee table that I wanted. I told myself that it was meant to be if it was still there during the 50% off sale and of course it was-for only $7.50!! :)
Ok, back to the dresses. I went through all of the dresses and started piling them up on my arm. My husband was waiting in the checkout line so I had to move quick which also meant that I didn't have time to try anything on. I ended up with 6 dresses for a total of about $13 and just hoped they would all fit.
Once I got home with my finds, I was pretty happy with my choices!
Here are my thrift store finds.
P.S. I had to take these photos during "nap time" so please excuse the rushed facial expressions and lack of  styling. Ha!

This dress is perfect for the warm seasons upon us and probably the most comfortable dress I have ever worn!

I don't have very many stripes in my closet so I'm happy to have this new addition with navy and white stripes. I think this dress would be cute with a blazer and heels.
This dress is super Spring-y with it's pink and aqua blue floral print. I need a big floppy hat for this one! 

I love the coral and teal colors of this dress. It's a bit big so belting it is a must but I like it that way!

Now this dress I am a little unsure of. I don't know where I will ever get the courage to wear a shoulder-padded dress! lol I love the feel of it though and the buttons on the sleeves are fun.

I have saved the best for last! On the rack, this dress looked pretty weird but I thought it might be one of those "looks better on" dress and thankfully I was right.
I am in love with the lace and scallop detail with flowing chiffon on this dress!
 I now just need somewhere "spiffy" to wear this!

Have you found any recent treasures at a thrift store?

Monday, April 8, 2013

Berry Sorbet {Mani Monday}

It's been a while since I've done Mani Monday which is probably because I have a difficult time trying to keep them "smudge-free" with a 1 1/2 year old. None the less, I successfully painted my little tips and I had fun doing it.
Since it's Spring time, I wanted a pop of color and pink is one of my go-to shades of polish. I wanted to play with 3 different shades so I chose a light pink, a coral and a hot pink.
I call this combo {Berry Sorbet}.

(excuse the ugly cuticles. lol)

I used Feeling Great and Easy Going both in Sinful Colors. I also used a Wet N' Wild shade called Tropicalia.

I know the trend with painting the ring finger a different color than the rest is really big right now but I put a little extra spin on it and used 3 different shades instead of two. I really like how it turned out too! This just may be my new signature style when it comes to my finger tips. :)

What are your favorite colored polishes this season?