Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Newest projects coming right around the corner!

After a post about our big news, it's only appropriate to follow up with my next newest projects & of course it all has to do with BABY :)
In about one more month, my husband & I will be finding out the sex of our "little jelly belly" as we have temporarily named him/her. We are so ecstatic to FINALLY know & I have already thought about how I want to decorate the nursery room (which my thoughtful husband already cleared out completely). So depending on whether it's a boy or girl, the theme, colors, paint, & little details are already set!
The biggest project in the room will be focused on the tree! On the wall where the baby's crib will go, I want to paint a big tree (just the trunk & bare branches). Everything else on the tree? Well, that's where the big projects comes in because it will take some time for me to do...if it's a boy, I am going to make several fabric leaves made from about 5 different patterns (all matching the color scheme in the room).
Sorta like these leaves on the wreath:
or these fabric leaves (I will be sewing all the way around the leaves though, not just using glue):
I will be making A LOT so it will be time consuming, yes, but well worth it when I'm done--& when I am, I will be sticking them to the branches to fill the tree and make it full & happy :)
If it is a girl, my task will be a bit harder, not only will I be making leaves for the tree, but I will also be making flowers as well to cover the branches in--& the flowers will be very detailed (shouldn't be too surprising coming from me)
So flowers like:
Martha Stewart
Diane Knott
Since I will be making the flowers, they will come out different than the images above because I want them to be unique but at least you have an idea about what I mean :)
So, we can see how much more time consuming it will be if we have a girl but I love making flowers anyway and it just adds a lot more femininity & while I make the time the create them, I can just think about the baby :)
Also on the tree will be a birdhouse night light which my stepdad James, will be making and painting to go above the crib. Similar to this kinda:
From one of the bottom branches, I am going to make a bunting banner (from fabric as well, with other materials). It will have the baby's name on it and one end will look like it's tied to a tree branch, & the other will look like a little birdie is holding it in it's mouth (the bird will be painted)
Banners sorta like these (different themes, patterns and colors depending on our babys gender)
Tutu Crafts Etsy Shop
Victorian Station Etsy Shop
Anyway, that's my next BIG project so far which will be started as soon as we hear the news about what we are having. So, posts about my progress will soon arrive as well as the other projects I will later be taking on in the nursery {with the help of my wonderful husband of course! :) }
Have a beautiful tuesday everyone!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Those 2 Lines=Life Changing News

Well, we all know it's been a while since I have posted & although I gave fair warning a couple months back, I can't help but feel like this break has been too long! I once said that I will be preoccupied and too busy to post these past couple of months due to schooling, work, & volunteering & even though that still holds true, it wasn't just my crazy schedule that held me back--On the morning of March 30th at around 8:15 am, I found out some news that would change mine & my husband's life forever...I saw a positive & then another positive on the two white sticks I peed on that morning...We are having a baby :D
So, needless to say, I have had a lot on my mind these past couple months on top of my already over worked mind. At first it was a lot of questioning about finishing nursing school, how we are going to afford taking care of a baby, and whether or not we are ready to become parents. Then, after realizing that going to nursing school actually worked itself out for the best, finding out that our finances are pretty well taken care of, and becoming parents is the most exciting thing that has ever happend to us--other than getting married--excitement and anxiousness has overwhelmed us and the questioning has turned into baby names, how we are going to decorate the nursery, the different memories we are eager to encounter with our new loved one, and what he/she will look like.
It's funny how the Lord's plans overshadow our own even though we may try really hard to make things go our way. In the end, it doesn't matter how many times we see ourselves in the future living according to what we have in mind for our life, chances are, we will be on a different path and not exactly living how we pictured ourselves at one point. For me, I know it's even better than what I imagined it ever could be :)
Today, I am 12 weeks and 1 day
Our baby is about the size of a roma tomato.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I have been looking for vintage/shabby chic type photo frames for a long long time and when I would find them (online would be the only place) they would be like $10+ just for one (not incl. shipping)!!!

So, I am excited to say that after going into Ross just to look around...I found several frames like these for $6.00 and I didn't have to pay shipping! I figured I wouldn't find frames like these anywhere else and stocked up (I walked out with 8)!

My plan is to repaint them and use them at my baby shower, the baby's room, my friend's wedding, & where ever else they could be useful :) I feel accomplished! lol

My next find is for a large frame similar to these for the baby's room to put on the wall and I will paint the "You are my Sunshine" lyrics inside of the frame :)