Sunday, March 1, 2015

Lists and Prepping for Baby Number

It is now officially March-the month of my due date! The shop has been on vacation for almost 2 weeks now and this list is actually getting smaller and smaller! I just have a few things left to finish as far as the shop goes but soon, I will be tackling another list...the list of things to do to get ready for baby #2! 

So far, the laundry is done and hung up for Lyla Rose but I still have to find a dresser that will accommodate both hers and her brother's clothes, re-do the nursery wall (remember this? Well, all of the decor was knocked off the wall  by big brother and, I have to rethink things here). We also have a few things left to find which has been stored in the garage such as the bobby pillow, breast pump, etc and pack for the hospital trip! I just ordered a diaper bad from Seaport Stitches that I LOVE and can't wait to pack full of necessities because seriously, it's the cutest diaper bag (that totally doesn't look like a diaper bag)! I will be sharing more about it when it arrives in the mail soon. I also have to sanitize and clean, clean, clean! I've been so disorganized lately trying to race against time to get everything done so I have quite a bit of catching up to do.

Any pointers, tips, advice on prepping for baby #2?? Please, please, please!

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