Friday, March 6, 2015

{Personal} 37 Week Bump Update + Recents

As of this past Monday, I'm 37 weeks pregnant with our little girl, Lyla Rose. I can't believe how fast time has gone and we are now at the point where we will be meeting our little one almost any day now! Throughout this whole pregnancy, I've felt so ready to meet Lyla. I've had little worries and have been pretty prepared to be a momma of two...until recently. Maybe it's just the realization that she will be here soon but lately, I feel like I'm racing against time to prepare the house, nursery, baby essentials and my emotions to welcoming another tiny soul into our home. I am more than excited to finally kiss her little cheeks, snuggle her tiny body, stare into her new eyes and meet her face to face! I'm just also nervous for the new adventure ahead-becoming a momma of multiples. When I ask friends who have more than one child about preparing for another baby, they tell me that I will adjust. That's how it is-there's no real preparing just do when the time comes & I believe it. As much as I want a solid answer, everything is going to be ok.
Thank you Jesus.

This week so far...

The little man and I enjoyed the sunshine in the hammock while we read some of his favorite books. It wasn't the best idea to crawl into a hammock being so pregnant but I did eventually make my way out...safely.

The husband and I fried up some apple fritters after I found this recipe for them on Pinterest. They were DELISH!! I've been craving sweets SO much this last trimester which is a huge change since the first half of this pregnancy, I only wanted fruit and vegetable soup. Needless to say, I've been enjoying the sweets.

I started on the redo of the crib wall. Since my son knocked down the prior decor of the nursery (see what it looked like here), I've had to rethink what I will be placing above the crib. I went a little simple this time yet detailed with this lace decor piece and watercolor print by Katie Daisy. I will share more of the nursery when it's all complete.

I created our daughter's first headbands. Believe it or not, I didn't have any headbands for our little girl which is surprising since I'm all about creating pretty pieces (especially to wear in the hair). I made her a few of her first flower crowns which I used soft stretch lace for. I came up with this idea since she will be laying down most of the time as a newborn, I wanted her to be comfortable without flowers all the way around her head. I simply love these designs and may even add some to the shop upon reopening in a few months...or hosting an instasale on the IG sales page @shoplsp.

My next task to complete is packing my bag for the hospital. I recently received my diaper bag from Seaport Stitches which I am in LOVE with!! I will be packing it for the hospital as well as our trips out of the house. I love that although it's a "diaper bag," it doesn't look like one and when Lyla is old enough to not need a diaper bag anymore, I can use it as a cute tote! I will be sharing my list of hospital essentials soon. Any advice on what I should bring?

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