Tuesday, March 10, 2015

{Personal-Baby Time} What to Pack for the Hospital

I am 38 weeks pregnant as of yesterday and these past few days, I have been nesting like CRAZY!! I've had a surge of energy to get things done and I can now say that I am ready whenever little Lyla is! 
One of the tasks that has been completed was packing the bag for the hospital. I made a little list of items that I needed which I will share here.

First, I decided to pack my new diaper bag from Seaport Stitches as my hospital tote since it's big enough to hold everything. Plus, it has 6 pockets total which helps with organizing the essentials! 

For toiletry essentials, I packed a zippered pouch with items that will help me feel refreshed after the child-bearing tasks that leaves a momma feeling and looking tired. I remember after having my son how much of a wreck I felt like and when I looked at photos with everyone who came to visit, I definitely saw it as well. This time, I wanted to be a little more prepared so some of the toiletries I packed are:
*Burt's Bees Facial Wipes
*Burt's Bees Moisturizing Lip Balm
*Cetaphil Face Wash & Face Lotion
*Mascara & Eyeliner
*Face Powder (not pictured-in bag)
*Comb & Hair tie
*Contacts & Solution
*Eye Glasses (not pictured)

For baby, I know the hospital provides just about everything but I wanted to bring an outfit for our Lyla Rose to come home in as well as a floral crown I made her the other day. P.S. I may be adding more of these baby floral headbands to the shop upon reopening! 

For me, I am definitely coming home comfortably! Sweats, a tank, socks, slippers (not pictured), a soft nursing bra, clean undies (obviously not pictured) and nursing pads it is! Since I will still be sore and look 5 months pregnant, there's no need to be fancy here. 
Don't forget daddy too! He should bring at least one comfy change of clothes as well!

More essentials to add to your hospital bag:
*DEFINITELY a copy of your medical records (you will get them from your OB or Midwife)
*Insurance Card
*Photo I.D.
*Birth Plan (if you have one)
*Camera, Video Camera (I packed both)
*Phone & Charger
*Essential oils for relaxing (Lavender is a good stress reliever)
*A nursing pillow (the hospital provides pillows but if you feel more comfortable using your own for relaxing or a nursing pillow for breast feeding then go ahead and bring it)
*A towel (one that you don't care too much about) to lay down on the seat on your way to the hospital. That way, if your water breaks or you leak fluid, you're covered.
*Something to read since you will be at the hospital for a couple days after having baby
*Some money for vending machines if you wish
*A gift for older sibling(s). Since we are having our second baby, we want to bring a small gift for our Levi to help him feel included and remind him that he is just as special as the new baby. It will be a big day for him as well since he will become a big brother!
*A notepad or journal to document thoughts that are still fresh from a life changing experience
*A receiving blanket for baby to go home with (the hospital provides blankets but you may want to bring your own as you bring your new baby home)
*A car seat that's strapped in correctly. You don't have to bring it the first day you arrive if a family member can bring it to you later but you will need one correctly installed in your car before you are allowed to take your new baby home.

For the most part, the hospital provides everything you may need but it's always nice to be prepared with your own things. Just remember, you aren't moving into the hospital! You don't want to bring suitcases with you because not only will your space be limited but you also don't want the hassle of lugging everything in and trying to find something like your chapstick amongst several other items.

What are some essentials you recommend for the hospital?

We only have 2 weeks left until our due date!! So excited to meet our little girl SOON!


  1. I love it! I'm excited to see pictures of your baby girl! Good luck!

  2. I love it! I'm excited to see pictures of your baby girl! Good luck!


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