Friday, March 20, 2015

{Personal} 39 Week Bump Update

As of Monday, I am 39 weeks pregnant (although this photo was taken at 38 weeks and 5 days but we will pretend it was at 39 weeks)! I still can't believe how fast time has flewn yet how slow it seems to be passing by. We are playing the waiting game over here and practicing our patience because we are so anxious to meet this little girl already.

Since daddy is now on vacation leave from work, he is also going a bit stir crazy waiting for the arrival of our little girl. I'm so excited for our Levi to meet his baby sister too! We went and got him a few gifts to give him when he meets her. From Lyla to her big brother Levi. <3

Lately, we've had family come over and help out as well as "spoil" me which I haven't asked for but I'm completely fine with since I will have my hands full before I know it. I'm not one to really ask for a whole lot. I'm learning to let people help. SO incredibly thankful for my family and friends!!

Here are some updates:

Size of Baby: In terms of fruit/vegetable comparisons, she's about the size of a mini watermelon and about 7lbs (according to baby websites). My son was 6lbs 11oz and I know I look like I'm packing a basketball in there but I'm hoping she will be around the same size as my son (yes, I was pretty big with my son too).

Sleep: It's not the best but it's more than I will be getting once our little one arrives. When 3am rolls around, I'm up (it never fails) so I use that time to use the restroom and rotate laying on my other side once I get back to bed for a few more hours (if I'm lucky).

Best Moments: Although I'm anxious to meet our little girl, I really have been enjoying the quiet moments with her. I know I'm going to miss being pregnant so I've taken opportunities to actually relax and enjoy the calm before the storm (that is, labor).
Levi has also been really cute with her and will take my stethoscope and try to listen to his little sister. He also has been really helpful too! I was having a contraction and I said, "ow!" as I placed my hand on my stomach. He immediately looked at me with such an innocent yet concerned look, ran to the bathroom, grabbed a band-aid, lifted up my shirt and placed the band-aid on my tummy. It was the cutest thing!

I've also been enjoying the time I've gotten with visits from my family. They've come over to make breakfast, bring lunch (thank you Aunt Erin for my Jack Rice!) and have cooked dinner for us! I will never turn down some yummy food and time with the ones I love!

Worst Moment: That would definitely have to be the moment where I chased after my 3 year old son at the park because he thought it was funny to run away from mommy and head to the parking lot. Without second thought (after he wasn't coming back as I called him), I ran after him-huge belly and all! Once I caught up to him, I was able to grab his shirt and when I did, I fell to my knees with him (don't worry, baby is ok). Needless to say, he got in BIG trouble for that but so did mommy because I couldn't walk for 2 days! I was in SO much pain from the strain of the running and falling to my knees.

Miss Anything: I miss being able to sleep in different positions other than on my side, being able to walk painlessly & at a quicker pace (I feel like a penguin!) and carrying my son if I wanted-now it's strictly cuddles on the couch and floor.

Symptoms: Last time I went to the midwives, I was 2cm dilated and about 75% effaced. I'm having a lot more uncomfortable contractions although they aren't consistent and more cramping. Trying to walk more when I can but really, this girl will come when she's ready.

I love you so much little one. I've loved you before I heard your heart beat for the first time, before I felt you move in my womb, before I've even looked into your eyes and before I could kiss you for the first time. I pray for you just about every day. I pray that your life would be beautiful, purposeful and full of grace, hope and faith. I pray that you would love the Lord with your whole heart and follow His purpose for your life. 
You are so incredibly loved not only by your mommy but also your daddy, big brother, grandmas, grandpas, great grandparents, great aunts, aunties, uncles and COUNTLESS more!! We are SO excited to finally meet you baby girl!

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