Saturday, April 13, 2013

The post about an emotional wreck, sort of.

It all started a couple days ago when I received a disappointing email. It was from Patchwork which was the juried craft show that my friend and I entered together. It was the first juried show that I have ever entered (& only the second show that I entered with Love Sparkle Pretty). It was a letter of denial into the show and they didn't really give an exact reason why-only about 5 reasons that it could have been. I felt so rejected and I cried as if I got denied into the university of my dreams! This is when I realized...I am a big. cry. baby.
I blame all of my sensitive emotions on becoming a mom. I mean, I don't remember crying over just about everything before having my son! These are just some moments that I'm talking about:
*While watching The Voice, I hear a beautiful life story and then get all teary-eyed when the person starts to sing.
*My husband starts on a "serious talk" and although he's not even mad at me, I start to sob.
*Thinking about my son growing up or what would happen if he didn't have us in his life anymore is cause for some serious knots in my throat.
*I watch a wedding-pretty much any wedding and the tears fill my eyes. This goes for proposals as well!
*A good song comes on and I may be hearing it for the first time-yet, the water works turn on (latest song was "Hey Pretty Girl by Kip Moore).
*When I talk about certain decisions I've made in the past or experiences (and they're good ones) that I've gone through...yup-tears.
*A baby commercial/baby story. You guessed it.
*Singing certain worship songs in church get me all chocked up.
*Thinking about my dad who passed. It's been almost 8 years and it's still hard to think that he's gone.
*When I totally blanked out on the answers after a teacher tested me with some questions. Again, I cried.
*Watching a really happy ending to a movie. Actors/actresses are so good at what they do!

The list goes on. Some reasons are pretty "normal" to be emotional about but most are just down right dramatic!

Now, I can be pretty good at stopping myself from crying so don't think of me as the girl who's constantly in tears and gets my feelings hurt over anything anyone says. lol I'm not depressed. Promise. :)

I am just curious if anyone else feels the same or has gone through a weird emotional phase? Please say it's not just me! Haha!


  1. I am always the tough one but sometimes I get so emotional over the weirdest things. I started bawling during the movie Joe Dirt last week.

    You are not alone, lol!

    Take Care,
    Mandy Jean

  2. Ok I cry all the time and I've never had a child. I think once I'm a mother I will be a soppy mess. I have friends with babies who say the same thing. My one friend cried during a Christmas commercial this year and was like "What is wrong with me?!"

  3. I've never had a child and I'm an emotional wreck too, so don't worry, you aren't alone. I'm actually trying my absolute hardest not to cry watching the Hunger Games at the moment...

  4. I can be an emotional rollercoaster! I sometimes cry if there is a great car commercial because it's so touching. I'm in my late 20's so I'm assuming it's hormones or something. I hear your body changes like every 7-9 years or so and it can be emotional...

    Ergo - Blog

    1. Haha! I'm happy I'm not alone! :D Thank you!
      Have a great week Chloe.

  5. I agree, that I seem to be way more emotional after having my son. I used to not cry over anything! Then I got pregnant and was always in tears. And now, even just something that's slightly sad really chokes me up.

    1. It's kinda crazy and yet kinda funny! :) With babies-come sensitive emotions.
      Have a great week my friend!

  6. I know exactly what you mean! I used to be just like this, crying at everything. I'm not sure what happened to make it stop, but it did eventually. There's nothing wrong with it, though. It's just your way of expressing emotion, happy or sad. It's all a part of beautiful you :)
    New follower via GFC and FB from the MHO Monday Mingle!
    Christine @ Musings of a Single Mama

    1. Thank you so much Christine! So happy I'm not alone on this one. Emotions can be quite funny sometimes.
      Thanks for stopping by and have a beautiful week! I will be stopping by your blog as well. :)

  7. I know how you feel! I get choked up so much more now that I'm a mom. I actually tripped the other day with baby in hands, ended up hurting myself pretty bad, but managed to save baby (barely a scratch). I held myself together on the walk home, bloody knees and all. Luckily my hubby was nearby at a coffee shop and helped me get home. When I got back and started checking on baby to make sure he was %100, I just started balling. What if he got seriously hurt? All the 'what ifs' just flooded my mind. Normally I'm as tough as nails, but my baby has brought out a new emotional side to me. It makes living that much more important, and those little moments so much sweeter.


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