Saturday, April 6, 2013

Floral Design + Wedding/Event Planning course updates

This week in Floral Design class, we created a very colorful all around arrangement. We used irises, daffodils, carnations, daisies, goldenrod, eucalyptus leaves and ming fern.
I really loved this arrangement and was so excited to work with different flowers than we had the previous weeks. I have noticed that it's also getting easier to place flowers and we have been getting out of class on time lately. Whoop!

Here's this weeks arrangement.

By the way, I was dying to work with Eucalyptus leaves and I was ecstatic when I found out that this past week we had them for this design. I just LOVE the way they photograph and cascade out of arrangements. I can't wait to create a bouquet with these leaves in it!

As far as the Wedding and Event Planning course goes, I am finishing up Unit 1 with "Ceremonies" where I have learned a bit more in depth of the different types that take place among different religions and cultures. Also, in the audio portion of this lesson, they talk about different ways to go about a ceremony if the couple doesn't want any type of religious mention or vice versa. They also go over ideas if the bride is a part of one culture and the groom is another, how to go about blending the two.
It's a good way to end the first Unit and I am now moving on to Unit 2!

Have a beautiful weekend my friends!

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  1. Those are gorgeous flowers and I love the arrangement of them!



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