Monday, April 22, 2013

Floral Design (+ prom set) + Wedding/Event Planning course {update}

The week of the 8th was Spring Break for our floral design class so I didn't do an update. The arrangement that we came back to was called "Imagination Blooms." It was definitely the most interesting design I've done and I actually really liked it! This was also the easiest and quickest piece I've done in the class.
We used asiatic lilies, spray roses, dendrobium orchids, green button mums, bear grass, solidago, curly willow, orgonia, Ti leaves, orgonia, and ming fern.
It's kinda "wild" but it's fun and it looks expensive!

 I also created a corsage and boutonniere set for my pastor's son and his girlfriend . They went to prom together (so cute) and I was asked to create the corsage and boutonniere using red and silver. So, I used red  spray roses, white wax flower, lemon leaf, clear rhinestones, gray pearls, silver glitter leaves, silver ribbon and silver tulle with bits of glitter on it.
Here's what I came up with.

As for my wedding and event planning course, I am now on Unit 2 where I am starting to get into the "business side of things." This weeks lesson is all about the budget.
Talking about money isn't the easiest thing to do but it was certainly interesting and when planning a large event that requires so many details and different vendors, it's important to really be open and talk numbers.
Since the audio portion of this lesson is done by a wedding planner out of NY, it's mind-boggling to hear the cost of a wedding in that state! Just for catering alone can be hundreds of dollars per person!
I also read that the average cost per person to have as a guest at a wedding is $118 in the U.S. and is usually more than $200 in the northeastern part of the country. *Note to self, don't get our vow renewals done in NY. This cost includes food, drink, cake, music, invites, thank-you notes and facility costs. It's kinda crazy to think of each guest as a Benjamin Franklin (+ an Andrew Jackson) but it may be necessary if you want to keep costs down.
Going over contracts and what should be in them is also covered in this lesson which is quite helpful yet sounds exhausting. lol
I still have a couple more pages with this lesson and then I'm onto reading about wedding attire. It's been a productive week recently!


  1. your flowers turned out great. i really want to look for an arrangement class - sounds like it would be so fun. and i'm planning my wedding for next fall and yes - ugggghhh to the cost! it's so crazy!
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    1. Thanks so much Jackie! It's a fun class and it makes me look at flowers differently. It really broadens my creativity! :)
      Enjoy the wedding planning because it will really go fast. I know the stresses of the finances though. Don't let it consume you but organize your priorities of what you really can't do without on your big day at the top of the list. Remember, the biggest things that guests remember from attending a wedding is did they have a great time and was the food good?! :)
      If you need any help or advice, don't hesitate to email me at kaylanicole0317[at]
      Have a great weekend,

  2. These are beautiful little arangements! Great job.

    Jillian -

    1. Thanks so much Jillian! Have a great weekend! :)

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