Sunday, January 27, 2013

A challenge that {failed} miserably!

At the beginning of this month, I commited to a photo a day challenge hosted by fat mum slim. I was really excited because this would be the first where I would actually complete the whole challenge via instagram, every day...or so I thought!
About a week ago, my dearest son was playing with my phone (nothing new-that phone has gone through all sorts of torture). When I got it back, it was covered-COVERED in drool! I started wiping it all away and not worrying much because it has certainly happened before. What I didn't realize was that since he's getting his molars in and drooling profusely, that drool somehow seeped behind my phone cover and into the screen of my phone rendering it helpless and eventually dead! Since my upgrade isn't until April, I had to activate my old phone which of course does't get Instagram and if I want to send photos to my computer, it becomes a pain in the butt because I have to hook it up to the computer and all that jazz. Long story short-->baby drool=dead phone=no instagram=no completed challege! I did however make it about half way through the month so here's what I captured:

Day One: {Today} Snuggled up with warm fuzzy socks and peppermint hot cocoa

Day Two: {Something New} Finished a custom bridal piece that went out to Indonesia

Day Three: {Heart} While at the San Diego Zoo, I found this sweet book :)

Day Four: {View from here} Right outside of Joanns, a.k.a. my second home
+ Day Five: {Movement} Car ride with the husband for a late night Jack in the Box craving

Day Six: {Mine} Hot peppermint cocoa with whip cream

 Day Seven: {Street} Find beauty in the broken

Day Eight: {Something that starts with a "T")} Tea cup! From the little Valentine photoshoot I did right here

Day Nine: {Paper} My paper heart-also, from the mini Valentine shoot

Day Ten: {One O' Clock} My craft table at 1
Day Eleven: {Water} No water please in my hot soy chai. Yum!

Day Twelve: {Surprise} A surprise double date to Lucille's!! Delish!

Day Thirteen: {Circle} my wedding ring-a symbol of unconditional love

Day Fourteen: {Yellow} an Ambrosia apple of course!

Day Fifteen: {An Ordinary Moment} in a tire swing with my little man. I will miss these days as he grows up way too fast!

Day Sixteen: {Two} reunited with my dear friend Zayda! P.S. check out her new (amazing) blog at Thrifty Little Z. She's got talent people! :)

Day Seventeen: {Ready} ready to dive into the newest study!

...and that's it folks!! I throughly enjoyed it while it lasted. :)
Maybe come April, I will try another photo a day challenge. Until then, I can take pretty photos on my new DSLR camera I am getting next weekend! Whoop!

Have a beautiful day friends!


  1. OH man, that really must have been a lot of drool! I had no idea a phone could be broken that way!

  2. I've never made it even half way through a photo a day challenge...and my phone isn't broken...haha. I love the pic of the paper heart.
    Penniless Socialite

  3. Ohhh noo! Poor phone! :( I've missed a couple days, so it's alright. When Sandy hit I REALLY fell behind on P.A.D. I'm truckin' along now though! Fingers crossed I can stick with it throughout the year.

  4. I give you credit, you tried! Good luck with your phone until the updgrade! I found your blog through from the Whispering Sweet Nothings giveaway and I am so glad I did, I love it and I am now following you!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  5. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear about your phone! I'm so addicted to Insta that it would be really hard going back! Love that bridal piece and that photo of the pretty and feminine. Stopping by from the GFC blog hop.

  6. pretty photos! new follower!

  7. love your blog, found you on the blog hop!

    your newest follower, meghan


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