Monday, July 23, 2012

MANI Monday {Color changing polish & RELAXING by the pool}

Last week, some friends and family of mine drove to La Cresta to visit my aunt and have some relaxing time....& that we did! :)
While there, we had some lunch, layed out by the pool, painted our nails, layed out on the couch, watched some T.V., ate some cupcakes, read some magazines, & just vegged.
It was a good day! :)
Once I saw this awesome color changing polish that my aunt had, I HAD to try it!
I swear it's magic! lol
While inside, it's a glittery gold color & while outside, it turnes to a sparkley red/pink color.
Cool right?
It's from Del Sol & she said that she purchased it from Rite Aid (I will be on the hunt for it.)
{Relaxing by the pool--in the sun}
& speaking of relaxing, the babes were passed out!
{Cousins-Emily & Levi}
What are your favorite ways to relax this summer? :)

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