Friday, May 11, 2012

DIY Cupcake Towers! (Dollar Tree Finds)

I recently finished a DIY project that I am so proud of! These adorable CUPCAKE TOWERS! :D

I originally wanted to buy some but realized that cupcake towers weren't very cheap...but you know what is?
The Dollar Tree!
Yup! That's right! Each one of these towers only cost ~$5 (+ cost of paint brushes if needed, paint and some heavy duty craft glue)
I created these 2 towers for a friend's baby shower and when we are done using them, I will repaint them so I can use them for my son's first birthday party (still a while away) and any other occasion where these little cuties can be used!
First, what you will need to make ONE tower:
-*3 silver plates (The Dollar Tree)--they have all different shapes--Round, square, and oval plates. I used 3 round plates.
-*2 candle sticks (Also, The Dollar Tree)
-*paint. (Spray paint is the best so you don't see any brush strokes but in my case, I used 1 can of spray paint for 6 plates and ran out before I could finish the last 2 plates so I ended up painting over them! lol I ended up using acrylic paint from Michaels. One in "vanilla" for the plates and one in "light pink" for the candle sticks--2 fl. oz. each)
-*heavy duty craft glue. (I used E-6000)
-*a medium sized paint brush
-*ruler or tape measure
...don't forget to lay down some newspaper while you paint (outside!!!)
Once you have all your items, make sure they are all cleaned and get started on painting!
I started painting the plates first. (Remember, I have double the plates and candlesticks because I was making TWO towers.)

Then, get started on painting the candlesticks. You don't need to worry too much about painting the "inside" parts of the candlesticks because this part won't be seen when they are attached to the plates. 
Once, all the plates are painted (front & back) as well as the candlesticks and they are all dried, here comes the fun part!
Measuring & gluing!!
This is actually the trickiest part because you want to get everything centered as much as possible.
Here's what I did to make it a little easier.
First, take 1 plate and 1 candlestick.
Place the WIDEST (base) part of the candlestick on the BOTTOM of a plate (this is so that you get more "serving space" on the plate when using the smallest part of candlestick on the top of other will see what I mean :)
Then, I took my tape measure and measure the candlestick to the center of the plate.
For the plates I was using, it was 2" around (from the candlestick to the edge of the inside part of the plate).
Once I got the candlestick to the center with 2" measured all around, I took my pencil and traced the candlestick to the plate.
Then, take your craft glue and put it around the candlestick where you will attach it to your plate.
Proceed to place the candlestick on the plate where you traced.
Press firmly and let dry.
(If there's any oozing, take a warm damp cloth to wipe off)
You can do this same step with your other plate as well.
*Remember, the WIDEST part of the candlestick on the BOTTOM of the you end up with 2 plates, each with a candlestick on the bottom of each.
Your third plate will serve as the base of the tower (so leave it set aside for now).
Once the candlesticks are dry and stuck to the plates, stack one of the plates (the top of the plate) to the narrowest side of a candlestick.
Use the same steps to measure it to the center as we did for the widest/base part of the candlestick to the bottom of the plates. (So, you will have a plate on the bottom, then candlestick, then plate, then  candlestick)
I didn't take a picture of this part so I tried to edit this photo to sort of show you... Sorry it's really bad! lol
Then, it's time to place the last plate!
Place the TOP of the third plate to the narrowest part of the last candlestick, measure to center, trace, glue, press firmly, let dry, and turn it all right side up!
Viola! You are done!!!
Now, these cupcake towers aren't for food DIRECTLY on the plates! If you plan on putting food on them, remember to use cupcake liners, napkins, or doilies, etc.!
You can also use these towers for jewlery, bath necessities, etc. Look at some of these other great ideas for cupcake towers! :) 
Have any questions? Ask away! Let the DIY fun begin!
{Have a BEAUTIFUL day!}

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  1. I love this, it's so fun yet totally stylish. I bet it would look great covered in tasty cupcakes!

  2. Such a great, thrifty idea! I love it!

  3. This is so brilliant! Even I, the least crafty girl ever!, could likely do this. :) NICE!


  4. I"ve been planning to make some of these for my little boy's party. They are so fun & easy, your's turned out great! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Thanks :) These are pretty easy to make and you can have so much fun with the colors!

  6. It looks great! Thanks for sharing this with us @ the Sunday Round Up.
    Hope you have a wonderful week,

  7. Hi! I should say this is pretty clever. I love the idea and the look. Plus I could customize the color I want. I couldn't afford cup cake tower myself. This is great for church potlocks :)
    I have link party

    going on. Would love for you to share this :)


  8. Truly lovely, they look so delicate. New follower, visiting from overflowing with creativity. Looking forward to reading more crafty posts in the future. You would make my day if you stopped by my blog
    Thank you and have a great weekend.

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  10. This is so pretty! I could definitley use these towers :)

  11. how pretty! Love how yours look. So shabby chic :)
    Thanks for sharing at our Sunday Round Up! Can't wait to see what you have for us next weekend. Have a GREAT week!

  12. I wouldn't have ever guessed those were from the dollar store! We just found your blog and we are your newest follower! We would love for you to check out our blog!

  13. PS I just graduated from nursing school last year! Hang in there!

  14. Love your cupcake towers, so frugal and sooo cute. Thanks for sharing. ;o) Smiles, Paula

  15. Clever girl, and why to save some $$. Hi, I'm Connie at, you new GFC friend. I would love if you stop by and be mine, too.
    I have a cake stand project awaiting me, but I have one plate, never even thought of top and bottom. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Honestly the best DIY I've seen lately!!

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