Wednesday, October 31, 2012

{Cupcakes at Dusk//Inspiration + DIYS}

After much inspiration from pretty posts (created by other creative people) on Pinterest of course, I decided that I needed to bake up some cupcakes and take some photos! I wanted to create a mini inspiration piece for a wedding or even a bridal shower. Not your average day of events but it was a good one. :)

Here are some photos of the little photoshoot that I took on my camera phone in my backyard. I took SOO many photos and just narrowed them down to a few because even though they were all so pretty, a person can only look at cupcakes for so long right? :)

{Below are ways to create your own similar look for your next event}

A couple nights ago, I got this idea to make some really cute cupcake toppers. I started by cutting out some hearts on ivory card stock paper (4 hearts all together so I could make them double-sided), painted them with gold glitter paint and used tooth picks (one in between 2 hearts) so I could top them on a cupcake. I also used some ivory ribbon which I cut the ends of and stamped the words "I DO" and "ME TOO" on ivory card stock paper which I then glued to the ribbons. It was quite simple and yet so fun! I think these would be perfect for a bridal shower too and use the words "SHE SAID YES!"

Once I topped the cupcakes, I added some pretty lace fabric around them. (Love it!)
Another idea could be to tie a ribbon bow around the cupcakes using glitter ribbon, satin ribbon, or even some simple jute twine which would give a more rustic look!

After the cupcakes were dressed, I set them upon a little cake stand which I made using a candle stick and candle plate holder from the dollar store! I painted both items ivory and glued them together using E3600 glue and TA-DA a small stand! For a full tutorial to make a 3 tiered cake stand using items from the dollar store, click here.

So you know how Mason Jars are EVERYWHERE now and used for so many crafts? Well, I decided that instead of mason jars (which can be a bit expensive sometimes-although I do love them) I decided to start reusing my son's baby food jars which I turned into those hanging candle holders! Once I was done feeding my son, I would take the labels off, scrub and clean the jars and for this project, I used some gold jewlery wire (for around the jars) and clear fishing wire to hang them at different lengths. I could really see this display at a wedding around the reception or ceremony from the trees or even behind a dessert table or sweetheart table. It's so pretty, romantic, and yet so simple to DIY!
How do pretty photos on Pinterest inspire you?

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