Friday, November 11, 2011


Click links above photos to view their listings on Etsy!

Blue knit scarf with added antique lace & vintage-inspired pearl buttons

Magenta wool blend infinity scarf with crochet detail & ivory poppy!

Gray & red cotton infinity scarf with fabric poppies & pearl detail

These scarves are only $20 + shipping for a limited time so hurry!


  1. oh my goodness! I am IN LOVE with the blue scarf with the doilies and buttons! Will there be more like that anytime?? :)

  2. Thank you :) and yes, I should be creating more soon of that style. The fabric store that I normally go to though is relocating (closer to where I live thankfully) & their selection of different fabrics are dwindling down. They said they aren't stocking up until they move into the new store in march. If you want though, I can go and see if they still have this fabric and if not, I can get another color for you. I have other colors stocked up as well, just not this particular one.

  3. I love the gray one! So pretty! I'm visiting from Katie's nesting spot!


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