Saturday, November 12, 2011

Another custom order scarf done! :)

I must say, I really love all the scarves I have made so far & this one is no exception! I just want to keep every single one but I know giving it to someone else who will love it just as much--is the right thing to do I guess... LOL!
I got a message the other night to create a purple one for a friend & since that was all the detail I was given, I went to the fabric store, bought some SUPER SOFT & COMFY purple flannel fabric and used my own creativity for the rest! Here's what I came up with! :)

I was going through all of my different fabrics and details I have stocked up and found this wonderful lace applique!I bought it a while back when I was in LA at the fabric district and thought it would go beautifully with the purple scarf. So, I took a picture of it, sent it to my friend & she loved it as well! Afterwards, I got to sewing and finished the scarf off with 2 vintage-inspired pearl buttons to be worn attached or detached! :)

{This is when I wish my mannequin wasn't purple...but you can get the idea...}

It's so pretty right? Do you see my dilemma when I don't wanna give it away? Haha! Well I know it will be in good hands soon!
Thank you Rachelle for letting me create a scarf for you! It will be keeping you warm soon! :)

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