Friday, November 11, 2011

Newest scarves done!

I have been creating scarves like nobody's business this past week! I have finished 3 more and I'm working on 3 custom orders already...& I haven't even "officially" made them available yet! :)
By the or tomorrow, my scarves will be up on etsy to purchase for $20 each for a limited time! They will soon be going up to $25 so purchase them while you can before the price increases! I will also only be taking a VERY limited amount of custom orders only because, as most of you know, our little one will be here VERY soon and I won't have too much time to make so many .
Well, here are a few more that I have completed!

This blue scarf was created using 71" of super soft & comfy rib knit fabric made up of 95% cotton & 5% spandex. I also sewed 2 antique lace doilies to add femininity & 2 vintage-inspired pearl buttons. With the added buttons, you have your choice of wearing the scarf as an infinity scarf or leave the buttons undone and wear it with both ends hanging down--whatever you prefer! :)

Another scarf complete & ready to be added to the etsy shop is this lovely gray & red scarf with added silver detail!

I created this scarf using 71" of 100% cotton fabric with 3 added red cotton poppies sewn onto the gray and red striped fabric. For the center of the largest poppy flower, I added an antique silver button & for the smaller poppies, I sewed 3 small gray pearls to the center of each. Also, at the end of the scarf, I sewed 4 large gray pearls to be used as "buttons" to attach or detach the scarf. That way, you can wear it as an infinity scarf or keep the scarf un-buttoned!

Another scarf I completed is this blue rib knit scarf with added ruffles and silver antique buttons!

I used the same soft blue rib knit fabric as the lace one above to create this lovely little scarf which measures 70" in length. I added a little canvas ruffle to the scarf (I'm a sucker for ruffles) to add a bit of color to it including yellow, gray, ivory, & aqua. I also sewed 3 antique silver buttons to the end of the scarf as well as 3 loops of ivory threaded cord that can interlock around the buttons for versatility! :)

& here's a little sneak peek of a custom order I just finished...

Black & white super soft flannel scarf with pink flowers, buttons, & white pearls:

{& DONE}

Super soft purple flannel scarf with beautiful lace applique detail:

{Have a Beautiful Day!}


  1. gahhhh! I am in LOVE with 1st and 3rd one! Can't wait until I can buy on ETSY!!!


  2. I think the blue one with the lace dollies is my new favorite! too cute!


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