Tuesday, October 11, 2011

You are my SUNSHINE

One of the many projects I have set out to create for our little man's nursery is the "You are my Sunshine" frame on the wall where the rocking chair will go. I have always loved the chorus lyrics to the song--"You are my Sunshine" and ever since I found out that my husband & I are expecting, I have hummed the tune to our little baby numerous times.

After finding an amazing frame from the local antique and vintage shop, it took me a couple of days to finish this project & I am really excited and happy with it! :)

This was the frame that my husband & I found before anything was done to it...

I started by painting the frame "antique white" shabby chic.

Then, I found some light green and yellow striped fabric for the background of the frame and started painting away! I painted completely freehanded (no rulers, stencils, etc.) with just the frame laying on top of the fabric so I could get everything as centered as possible.

Once I finished painting the lyrics, I added some color to the inside of the words I left outlined. Then, I attached the fabric to the back of the frame & cut the extra fabric off.

& here's the finished project after my amazing husband put it up on the wall :) (excuse the little mess in the room...we are still organizing)

There's still the fabric leaves I have to finish making for the tree painted on the wall where the crib will go...about 45 more leaves to make and a post will be up about that project! :D

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