Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Cupcake!

A friend of mine just had a birthday and as a gift to welcome in a new year, I created a hairpiece uniquely for her! :)
I used light pink peony petals, ivory magnolia petals, pink cherry blossom, and light green hydrangea petals to create this lightly colorful flower. I also added pink and purple feathers and a green button for the center with added pink twine between the button holes.

To package it, I put it on top of a cute cupcake holder with hot pink tissue paper to resemble a cupcake!...It didn't look exactly what I had in mind but it still looked cute anyway :)

Afterwards, I put it inside of a cupcake box & wrapped it with a big pink bow!
{All done and ready to enjoy!} :D

Happy Birthday {again} Tiffany!

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