Monday, December 16, 2013

Levi Turns 2-A Balloon & Adventure Themed Birthday

It's been about 2 weeks now and I am finally getting around to blogging my baby love's birthday party. Whew!

My little man turned 2 at the beginning of the month (read his "birthday letter"). Where did the time go?! This year, we hosted his birthday party in our very own home. Last year, we hosted it at our dear friend's house because at the time, our little home wouldn't fit all of the guests. Since we've moved into our new place, (which is double the size), we were so excited to have all of our family and friend's over to celebrate this occasion. Mind you though, there were about 40 guests and we quickly learned...our home was still lacking the space we needed but it was so good to see everyone we loved under one roof. :)

It was a very cold day with a storm coming in and snow flurries hitting the ground. Hello December weather! With everyone mingling in the kitchen and living room, the kids ran a muck with paper yo-yos in hand and small balloons static clinging to their heads. It was so funny!

For decor, I wanted to keep it simple this year since we had just moved in only a few weeks ago. Levi is OBSESSED with balloons so I decided on a balloon theme with a bit of "adventure" thrown in. Within just a couple of days, I put everything together with the help of my wonderful husband. We blew up balloons to create little floating hot air balloons and made a cake topper and a few garland strands with several mini balloons. I also cut out cloud shapes to hang on 2 of the walls (hard to see in the photos) and used several decor pieces that I already had from previous parties or around the house.

For food, we went with a "picnic theme" and had croissant sandwiches, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, mac n' cheese, watermelon, grapes, potato salad, cole slaw and flavored sodas along with lemonade. I felt like a kid and that was just fine with me. :)

As we all sang Happy Birthday to Levi, he had the BIGGEST smile as he looked around and admired the attention. He loved every minute of it and as soon as we finished, he clapped. That was my favorite moment of the day.

Here is a little peek into Levi's 2nd birthday party.

My sweet baby bug.

My adorable niece,

Photo taken by GPMcCash ("G Pa")
Photo taken by GPMcCash ("G Pa")

So thankful for my family-my heart.

I love you little man and I am so proud to be your mommy. Forever my baby you'll be.


  1. It was a beautiful party!! Laila as well as I had such a blast. Our babies are growing up!!

  2. This is so sweet!! He is so. adorable. *^_^*


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