Friday, December 20, 2013

Last Minute DIY Christmas Ornaments

The other night while going through the organizing stages of my craft room, I got a bit side-tracked (not the first time) & instead of cleaning up, I ended up creating new Christmas ornaments! I found 2 clear ornaments and decided that I needed to use them within our tree decor since I have yet to finished holiday decorating.
Here's what I did:

I used gold beaded ribbon. For the large ornament, I used about 40" and the small about 25".
Cut strips of old book pages (you can also use old music sheets).
Cut 2 small strips of burlap and lace for each ornament (about 5" each).

I placed the gold bead strand inside of the ornaments first.
Then, one by one, I placed the strips of book pages inside and tried to place them around the ornaments in different angles.
Once I filled them up, I put the top on and tied a burlap and lace fabric strip to each.

VOILA! Super easy, unique and they go perfectly with our neutral/rustic living room decor.

Have a beautiful Christmas my friends!


  1. I love these!! They're sooooo pretty! You're so artsy :)

  2. Cute! I love how versatile those clear ornaments are. The options are seriously endless. Super cute.

  3. So pretty!! You come up with some really clever and pretty ideas!


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