Friday, October 25, 2013

A bridal photo shoot featuring Love Sparkle Pretty lace bridal caps

I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with the very talented Marilyn of Marilyn Duvall Photography out in Texas. I sent her a couple of my bridal caps including a brand new one that will be available in the shop come December!

She worked with another photographer, Catherine who modeled beautifully as a bride. Although it ended up raining after Marilyn started shooting, the photos still came out really pretty. That's the thing about photo shoots, you never know what weather you're going to get once you step outside and start snapping away (like that time I found myself in a photo shoot in the middle of a storm)! It's part of the adventures of shoots though.

Here are some of the photos captured by Marilyn featuring Love Sparkle Pretty bridal pieces.
This delicate point de esprit lace bridal cap will be available in the shop come December (after shop vacation).
This intricate lace bridal cap is available in the shop here.

See more of this photo shoot on Marilyn's blog.
Photography Credit: Marilyn Duvall Photography
Bridal Cap: Love Sparkle Pretty


  1. Ooooh those are so pretty! I especially love that first one. d^___^b

  2. AHHHH so pretty and feminine. LOVE.

  3. Ooh. I love the bottom pictures where it looks like a storm is coming in the background. Very pretty caps!


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