Friday, November 30, 2012

Sneak peek of a ||Classic Love|| photoshoot!

I have been a busy girl lately between planning for a photoshoot, getting orders done, planning my son's first birthday party (it's tomorrow!), getting bday presents for all the parties we are attending, and the list can go on and on.
Today, I wanted to share some sneak peeks of the photoshoot that we had yesterday and let me tell you, there are some long stories behind that one but the FULL story will come a little later. As for now, enjoy some sneak peeks + behind the scene photos!

A beautiful quote for the shoot. I used this free template and just added some of my own changes. :)
"Once in a while in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale."

CAKE! Oh the things you can do with foam and frosting!
Some dessert signs I made. Can't wait to share the photos of the actual desserts! They came out so pretty and SO tasty!
Bouquet I made with lace wrapping and a skeleton key.
Keys for the "couples" table.
 Here's our model looking like a Q-tip celebrity through the salon. We had some good laughs! Loved it! :D
 On our way up to our Plan A location, it started sprinkling so we had to pull over and put a tarp over the antique furniture. Thank God for Kyle because between the crazy CRAZY wind and our lack of "being a man," putting the tarp over correctly without it blowing away...just wouldn't have happened! Haha
 Our Plan A location. It was so pretty + perfect and yet, so rainy which made us unexpectedly  choose another location because holding an umbrella over a lovely decorated antique table and getting SOAKED just wasn't cutting it. LOL That didn't last long.
Our Plan B location and final location! Sad part is, it started getting dark-FAST so we actually used the lights from our cars (you can see this in the last photo)! We were determined! :)
My camera lens on my phone got super foggy from the rain so this BTS photo came out pretty hazy.
Here are a couple photos taken by Kayla V Photography of the final shoot.
(Mind you, it was FREEZING and to have a model in an almost backless wedding dress posing without any complaints was amazing!! Our models are troopers that's for sure! Thanks again Sheena and Kyle!)
That's it for now! I will give you the WHOLE story (and some video) along with the final photos in a later post. It was an adventure kind of day so you may not want to miss this one!


  1. The second to last is a crazy gorgeous photo!

  2. Kayla is such an amazing photographer, and you an amazing crafter-designer!! I am so impressed with everything I've seen so far!

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