Monday, August 12, 2013

A dose of {inspiration}. Gain it when you lose it.

You know when you just feel like you are lacking inspiration? For me, I need inspiration to work. I cannot sit in my craft room and create pieces that I don't want to work on or that I don't adore. My intentions with each and every piece is that they are made with love and attention to detail. I don't won't ship anything out unless I am completely happy with it.

When I am constantly in my craft room due to a busy week of orders (like this past week), I can lose inspiration and motivation to create. I hate the feeling but it's bound to happen once in a while. This is just something I have learned in the handmade biz.

Here are some of the ways I gained inspiration when I was losing it these past few days.

1. I cleaned my craft room. There's just something about a clean room, a bare table and some added sparkle that gets the creative juices flowing.
Sequined bolero (Sparkles & Prays)

2. I doodled in my new sketch book from Kelly Rae Roberts. I'm not so great at drawing but it helps me realize new ideas once the pen touches paper and/or release stress by focusing on something else entirely. It's another great creative outlet to turn to if I can't seem to work with fabrics, beads, flowers or feathers.

3. I went out on a date with the husband to go see The Great Gatsby. If you are in need of any inspiration, this movie will certainly inject a flood of new ideas into your mind. Seriously.

4. Reading. I have been reading almost every night before bed. Whether it be a novel or the bible, reading is so relaxing and allows me to recollect. Light a candle while you're in a book and this heightens the experience.

5. Once pieces were done, coming up with new packaging ideas was a lot of fun. If I were opening up some happy mail, I'd want to see a bit of pretty details. When someone cares about the presentation (not just the product alone) of their shop, that's when you really feel appreciated. I want to convey this to each person receiving anything from Love Sparkle Pretty.
What do you do when you are in need of inspiration?


  1. I can totally relate to this post. This is why my craft room is kind of my, anything-goes room. Your space has to be inspiring in order to be inspired right? Surrounding myself with all my favorite things helps. You can check out my old craft room here if you care to see it.

  2. I know what you mean! I've been in a creating slump and I find that, in addition to cleaning my room which I just did last night, sometimes just getting myself in there to make something gets me going. Not necessarily a play-around kind of day, but a pressing, "this must be made now" type of thing. Once I get moving then I want to make more.

  3. Cleaning and reading are two things that definitely help me when I'm in need for blog post ideas. A clean room leads to a clean mind :)

    Awesome post!

  4. I need to make an office where I can be inspired. I am so bad at it, I blog from my bed or couch and when I loose my creativity I cant get it back. I love your atmosphere, and you my friend always have beautiful stuff!



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