Friday, August 9, 2013

Coffee Date {with a friend} + Giveaway

Today, I'm sharing coffee date with my dear friend Tara of Laila's Charming Pieces. I came over to her house for a visit and a play date with the littles. She instantly welcomed me with open arms and brewed some yummy coffee for us to enjoy (and then had to brew another since the husband drank all of it before we could get to it). 

We decided for this weeks coffee date, we would share our thoughts with you! We love having others over and getting to know some new faces so lets start by pouring a cup of hot coffee (with hazelnut creamer please) and making room on the couch to get cozy on.

This week has been quite busy in the craft room (for both of us actually). Tara put aside a whole day to clean her craft room and I have been trying to play catch up on orders and clean my mess of a room since Tara inspired me to do so. I firmly believe the saying, "creative people are rarely tidy." (cough cough)
Speaking of which, if you were with us, you would be hearing the crash of Jenga pieces right about now. Coffee dates with babies are quite loud.

Onto other news, my husband and I have officially started the house hunting process. Let the competing and patience testing begin! This market is a nightmare for buyers right now. Prayers please!

Prayers also for Tara as she starts a new endeavor with Laila's Charming Pieces and retail. 

Also, I'd have to ask if you've seen The Great Gatsby. I FINALLY saw it (went with the husband) and fell in love! The whole time I was watching it, I craved my sketch book to jot down all of the beautiful ideas that were dancing in my head for events, shoots, pretties, etc. It's a must see for sure!

We may will also talk about motherhood and share our crazy baby stories. From Levi jumping off tables to Laila sending random photos from the phone. Although the babes drive us nuts at times, what's parenting without some good laughs right?
Of course with littles running around, you can't have pictures without them photo bombing. Keeping snacks nearby sustains their happiness. Even if it's only temporary while you try to take photos with a friend. ;)

The last thing we would share on our coffee date with you is our neat little giveaway we prepared as a special THANK YOU for our readers that we love so much!!
Tara has handmade some adorable crochet hearts that you can use to brighten up a room. You can also use them as toppers, favors for a small party, props for a little girls photo shoot or even attach a table number to each and use them in centerpieces!

To add to this great prize, I created a pretty pink and gold bracelet for one lucky winner. With faceted beads on a dainty gold colored chain, get it before it's available in the shop!
Enter below and the winner will be chosen next Friday, the 16th.
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  1. Best coffee date yet! I love you my dear friend! :))

  2. You are seriously gorgeous!
    Those little centerpiece pop pieces are so adorable!!! New follower!
    My 2 owls

  3. You are so pretty! Thank you so much for this Giveaway!!

  4. Just found your blog via the lets be friends blog hop. The design and pictures, everything is just so pretty! Newest follower via bloglovin

  5. Just found your blog and I am L O V I N G it! So cute and you are gorgeous!! Can't wait to read more!! :)

  6. Aw, your kids' names go well together - Levi & Laila
    Style Oyster

  7. Just found your blog. I love the hearts and bracelet so pretty.


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