Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Recently...{a swap not shop event + mommy of 3 + a beautiful moment}

I had a root beer, listened to country music and started on a garter (so excited to show the finished product soon)!

I attended a "Swap not Shop" event. AMAZING! Left with some pretty great stuff! Photo courtesy of Aurora. Thanks for hosting friend. :)

I saw some beautiful photos taken by Kristen Booth of a veil and sash from my shop.
My husband surprised me with Starbucks in bed. He's the best!

That Starbucks gave me the energy to be a mommy of 3 for a couple hours. :)

Started eating these delicious and healthy snacks. Seriously, YUMMY!

I sent these pretties out to Grace from Beyond the Wanderlust for a styled photo shoot!

I saw this fun photo taken by Lena B featuring photo props from my shop!

Had some bedhead.

I witnessed this beautiful moment. Love my boys. 

&...My son found the wipes.
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What have you been up to recently?


  1. That veil is AWESOME!!!! Love it!


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  3. So glad you found me on the link up, you have a truly beautiful blog! Cracking up at the pic of your son with the wipes. I'm pretty sure my daughter did the same thing at one time. :)

  4. I LOVE the swap not shop idea! That's awesome, definitely will have to have one myself! Love the blog!

    xox Megan


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