Thursday, June 20, 2013

A sweet handmade shop called Edeenut + a GIVEAWAY

A couple months ago, I had the pleasure to "meet" a very talented gal who actually lives in a city that I used to. I saw a link on the Elevate Facebook page for some adorable ruffled pouches made by the shop, Edeenut. I immediately fell in love! I couldn't resist and had to purchase a little zippered pouch to put my business cards and lip gloss in when I attended Elevate back in May.

To my surprise, I also received another cute pouch in my swag bag by the same handmade shop owner. I was ecstatic! Since then, I have gotten to know Edith of Edeenut a little more and asked her to share a bit about herself on my blog.
I am a huge supporter of handmade shops and when I really believe in something, I want to share it with others who will love it as well.
With that said, here is Edith of the sweet little shop-Edeenut.
Tell us a little about yourself (outside of the "sewing/crafting world"). 
I'm a mom of two boys who are silly and wild as can be. I moved to Southern CA after marrying my California native husband, 12 years ago, and couldn't imagine living anywhere else. The weather is perfect for this wimpy Utah girl. 

When did you start sewing and why? 
I actually started sewing when I was young, about 8 years old. My older sisters taught me how to sew as I got older but it never really became a daily thing or desirable thing for me until I was pregnant with my first. I wanted to make him a special baby blessing suit and then after that I kept thinking of fun things to make for him. 
Today, I love sewing because as a mother, I find that the dishes and laundry are never going to be done. Kids are always going to cry and whine. But when I sew a bag or wallet for my shop it is done. It is complete, and I feel like I have accomplished something that day. 

When did Edeenut become a shop and brand?
Edeenut began in 2007 and focused on things for babies. 
I grew up with the nick name Edee (that is a long E sound at the beginning and ending) and I had quickly grown to be crazy and "nuts" for sewing, so the name edeenut stuck! 
Soon after starting edeenut, my second baby had grown out of the baby stage and I realized I was not interested in sewing anymore baby things. So for the next couple years I put edeenut on the back burner. 
I eventually brought it back and it has grown to what it is today- a shop full of soft zipper clutches, sunglass cases, iphone wallets, and mini fabric buntings for parties and special events! And lots more!

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Inspiration for me comes mostly from fabrics. I love to use prints that may or may not traditionally go together. 
I like to produce items that are functional for every woman to use everyday and items that can be given as a beautiful and functional gift. I draw inspiration from the modern woman and every day mom. I think inside we all want to have stylish accessories but also want them to be functional.

What do you see for Edeenut in the next few years?
For the last little while, I have been struggling as I try to balance my growing work life and my home and family life. If one thrives, the other seems to suffer. Lately, I have been considering my options and how I can incorporate a regular trusted helper. For a recent large order, I was able to use a helper and I realized what a difference it makes! 
My goal for Edeenut is to bring on that trusted helper regularly so I can keep up with the demands in order to continue doing what I love and am "nuts" about which is sewing and designing!

See these cute little fabric buntings? They are perfect for packaging, cute cards, tags, whatever you'd like!
Edith is giving one away to a lucky reader! Enter below and have a beautiful day my friends!
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  1. There are so many great products in the shop but I have to say my favorite is the iPhone wallet with the colored polka dots on it (:

  2. Those fabric bunting banners are so adorable!! Such a great idea and so many ways to use it! Love it as well as all the other pretties in her shop.


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