Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Elevate Blog Conference-A learning experience

First of all, let me just say that blogging can be so much more than just sitting behind a computer and typing paragraphs that circulate into the internet abyss. It can be so easy to think that your voice doesn't really matter or your story isn't important but "your story can save lives" -Sarah from Little Penelope Lane.

After attending Elevate this past Saturday in Huntington Beach, I found a new reason to blog and a new purpose. It was so refreshing to hear our inspirational speakers : Sarah from Little Penelope Lane, Erin from Living in Yellow, Kimmie from Sugar and Dots and Ashley from Little Miss Momma. They shared their stories and each one-although different-left an impact on us 50+ women listening in that room on the beach. I am so thankful for their courage and kindness they showed to each one of us! 

Once I got home I wrote a post about my heart on an internet platter and shared a more personal side of me. When I hit publish, I had an ache in my chest and a knot in my throat because it scared me to share some of my deepest feelings. So much that I actually deleted it a few hours later. When I did this, I thought about Ashley's words when she talked about how she's done the same and the internet can be scary to post your words but being relatable and finding your voice is very important. So, here is the post-again and I'm not going back on it. :)

Not only did we have amazing speakers, we had a BEAUTIFUL venue courtesy of Newport Dunes and a talented and hardworking team who put all of this together. Thank you so much Summer from Made by Munchies Momma, Jen from Delightful Deets and Nichole from Yeung Mother Hubbard! Also, thank you Lora Knight for taking photos and creating the fun video and thank you Allison from Madison Design Studio for all of the pretty graphic design work!

Now, here's a glimpse of the beautiful, crafty and inspiring day we had at Elevate.

When we arrived, we played a game to figure out what our characters/celebrities were on our back and then find our "mate/other half". I was a part of a winning team and by the way, I was Tow Mater. ;)

 We each got SPOILED by our wonderful sponsors! I will be sharing a few of the goods I received in later posts including that GORGEOUS pink scarf from Austenland and that YUMMY cake pop from Meringue Bake Shop.

With Jackie from Jackies Beauty Guide. So great to see her sweet face again!

We helped Sole Hope by cutting out fabrics to make shoes for children in Africa. It feels good to help make a difference and be a part of such a wonderful and caring organization!

Our speakers and the brains behind this event. THANK YOU ladies!

Our giveaway loot from our sponsors!! I won 3 colored mason jars from Beach Blues. LOVE them!

SUPER cute wooden sign from Evie Ivy and ADORABLE tooth fairy box made by Bubba's Basics.

It was a beautiful night to end my first blog conference and I left with memories I won't forget. <3


  1. Wowzers!! Looks like so much fun! The photos are amazing!

  2. That conference looks amazing! Your blog and shop are breathe-taking! So glad to follow here and on bloglovin from the Aloha blog hop-)

  3. Great many amazing and inspiring things packed into the day!

  4. Hi! Are you attending the conference again this year? I have such a silly question. I follow several lovely ladies (on social media...) who attended last year, and it looks like such a fun time, but I don't actually know anyone going, and I feel so nervous about attending sans-buddy system!! Do you recall if ladies showed up solo last year?? ;)
    Thanks chica!


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