Monday, May 13, 2013

A delicious Mother's Day and a grocery store tantrum

Ok, so I know that in yesterday's personal post I said that my next post would be all about the Elevate blog conference I attended on Saturday buuutt I'm waiting on some of the photos to be available to share. With that said, this post is about my recent Mother's Day and shopping shenanigans with my son today.

For starters, yesterday was a pretty amazing Mother's Day starting off a smiling baby boy, happy husband and a "build your own waffle" breakfast at my mother in law's house.
I seriously pigged out on all the DELICIOUS food that morning! Thank you awesome cooks. :D

Afterwards, I gave my grandma the corsage I made in floral design class last week. She's the best grandma I could ever ask for. She's one of my greatest inspirations!

My little family and I then headed home for a little afternoon nap (much needed after all those carbs-although running would have been better lol).

We then headed to my mom's house to give her some PRETTY hydrangea flowers and delish ice cream bars. Have you heard of the Magnum double caramel bars? Those are YUMMY and went to my wonderful momma who I adore oh so much. :)

THEN, we headed to Mimi's Cafe for lunch to celebrate my sister in law's birthday who was actually our waitress as well. We don't get to see her too often because she's such a hard worker (she works 2 jobs pretty much full time) so it's great when we do! Of course half way through lunch Levi got antsy so we took him outside to walk around. Once he saw a little girl with a balloon though, he went NUTS! 

I don't know what it is about balloons and my 16 month old son but he's obsessed OBSESSED with them! When he saw the little girl with one, he started screaming and even pulled my hair to get down and run over to the floating blue balloon. It was a bit much but after putting him in his car seat and giving him his sippy cup, he was fine and looked at us innocently with his adorable big brown eyes.

Target was our next destination where we picked up some board games and my husband and I played Battle of the Sexes the rest of the night after I finished my super intricate and time consuming craft from Elevate.
The Battle of the Sexes game we played made us laugh so much and we learned something new about each other because of it (it would be a great "date night" game to play too). Of course he won because I knew nothing about sports, fishing or that the word "TILT" appears on a pin ball machine when you manhandle the game. Ha! 
It was such a fun day turned night and so nice to spend it with family.

Now, in light of the Mother's Day timeline, I want to share another story which happened today between a mother and a son. Remember when I said my son is obsessed with balloons? Well today, I was the mother with the baby throwing a massive tantrum in the middle of the store over a balloon! Ha!

This is reality my friends.

I remember looking at mom's with the screaming kids thinking that my kid(s) will never do that. Lo and behold, that was me a couple hours ago.

Once Levi saw the balloons near the checkout lines, he started yelling which turned into crying, pointing and trying to get out of the cart. I usually won't get him a balloon thinking that I don't want to feed into the whining but this time I did because I was with a good friend and her two kids and her son wanted one (mind you-they were both silent). I thought everything would be fine now that he had his own balloon so I tied it to the front of the cart to keep it from floating away. This was a mistake on my part because the tantrum increased from pointing and whining to now throwing his head back and forth in the cart because the balloon was tied to the cart and not being held freely in his hand. When he tried to pull the string and noticed that he couldn't hold it on his own-he was so upset!

You know what happened next? We left the store. That was that.

The terrible twos is a lie in our scenario seeing how those tantrums have started much sooner.

Thank you Jesus for a healthy baby boy though. Even when it's hard, I'm grateful that at the end of the day I have a son who I can cuddle with to sooth those tantrums away.

Happy belated Mother's Day!


  1. And the terrible twos do not leave at age 2... sadly they pop up frequently after 3 and even longer. it's great when we can laugh at it later though.

  2. First of all, this looks Delish! And yes, I have heard of the magnum bars! :)
    I'm your newest follower and brand new blogger! I found you on friend connect blog hop! Mine is

  3. Yum that waffle makes my mouth water! :) I love hydrangeas they are one of my favorite flowers, I'm sure you mom loved them! :) & I can relate fully to the tantrums in the middle of the store and the love for balloons my son at almost two LOVES balloons & will throw fits if he can't have one as well, one of his favorite things to do is throw himself on the floor & kick his feet while screaming, such fun right? I'm glad you had a good Mother's Day & hope you have a great week!,

    -Kayla :)


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