Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Recently...through the lens of an iPhone

Recently I...
Went to floral design class and stopped by the mirror for a bathroom pic. Myspace memories??

Went on a movie and lunch date with the husband.

We had Panera for lunch.

Received my books as a "gift" from school for my Wedding/Event Planning course.

Purchased a new full length mirror from Target. Now I don't have to stand on the bed to see my entire outfit.

Ate one of the BEST chocolate and vanilla cheesecakes ever by GU.

Watched my boys read a book together. :)

Wore my first Jumper.

Played in a fort that my husband made for Levi and I.

Took my son through the car wash. His facial expressions were priceless! Those eyes melt my heart. <3

Rocked Janis. <3

Packed for the Elevate Blog Conference with my Gussy Sews camera strap, Edeenut ruffled zipper pouch, 31 BITS bracelet and vintage bag from Salvaged Strawberry. I ended up coming home though after the conference and not staying the night after all. I promise the review post for this event will be up soon! :)

Got ready to attend Elevate in Huntington.

Saw the cutest table display.

Ate some yummy desserts.

Finished a really cool craft project (which I also shared in this post).

 Started working on some new pieces.

Finished a headpiece for Friday's boho inspired shoot that will be captured by Kayla V Photography.
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What have you been up to recently?


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  2. Loving your outfits :D You are seriously so pretty! And your son's face? *dawwwwww* Great post, liked catching up with you! Me I've been a bit boring but busy with school. Might go to six flags Friday though :D

  3. What a fun week you've had! You and your husband are suuuper cute. *^_^*

    (Love your jumper by the way!)

  4. Loved this post Kayla! All of your outfits are so cute esp. love the turquoise pants! :) I hope you are having a wonderful week! <3,

    -Kayla :)


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