Saturday, December 8, 2012

A little secret to find beautiful clothes at a great price!

I wanted to share a little secret I found to get pretty clothes at a great price! Once I found this out, I was up until 4am (SERIOUSLY!) browsing clothes, accessories, boots, etc. and I was hooked! Some of you may already know about this because it's pretty much a part of the blogging world but when I finally discovered this, it was like a whole new world opened up for me! Haha

It's called Shop My Closet.

There are several bloggers who participate in this exciting endeavor and it benefits not only them (extra cash) but those who purchase (that would be me). It's sort of like thrifting but you can do it from your own home and I seem to find a lot more pretty items from my couch rather than driving from store to store in hopes of finding great pieces! For example, my first Shop My Closet purchase was this pretty little floral dress that is from Korea. I bought this from a fellow blogger who has some pretty great style and when I saw this chiffon dress, I couldn't pass it up (& for only $8)!

If you google "Shop My Closet," you can find various bloggers who sell their gently used clothes (a lot of designer clothing as well) and with a Paypal account, you can shop your little heart away.

Have you already discovered this?
If so, what was your favorite find?
Dress: Welcome to the gOOd life
Necklace: Wet Seal
Belt: Forever 21
Flates: Target


  1. I've heard of it but its so hard (for me) to size.. I can wear xsmalls of some clothes but others only larges.. Sizing varies from brand to brand so I'm always worried I'm going to purchase something that won't fit. How do you go about the sizing process! xx

  2. Yes, I've seen this, but like the other commenter, I tend to be odd sizes...I'm hardly ever brave enough to buy clothes online!


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