Friday, May 18, 2012

Newest creations + a weee bit of organizing + a couple relaxing trips to the mountains

I have been so busy lately with finals for my nursing assessment class and some new well as a couple trips to the mountains with the husband and little guy for some fresh air. :)
I wanted to share a couple of the newest projects I have completed to sort of "catch myself up."

First, I finished a custom order for 6 boutonnieres for a lovely bride-to-be the other day and I am so happy with them! The color palette is so pretty and she sent me the crystal buttons to add to them! Aren't they pretty?
The bride-to-be even suggested that I add these to the shop.
What do you think? :D
Also, I received an order for a flower hairpiece for a prom in North Carolina.
This sweet girl sent me a message with a photo of her dress she will be wearing and wanted the "Tiffany Hairpiece" with bits of aqua mixed into it to match her dress.
Read the post about it here.
Well, she sent me a couple photos she took before she went to the prom and I wanted to share them. :)
Whenever someone sends me photos of what I created for them, it makes me SUPER excited--
just so you know! ::wink winkk::

Another piece I just recently finished was a flower hairpiece for my sister-in-law.
It was her birthday and she hinted that she wanted a brown flower hairpiece so I made her just what she "hinted." lol
I used brown chiffon fabric for the petals, sewed 3 pearls to the center, and added 3 different brown feathers.
I think it came out so cute and I even added it to the
Love Sparkle Pretty Shop! :)
Want different colors?
Send me an email:
or a convo on Etsy! :)
The other morning I also sent a little piece of my heart to France in this little envelope!
I have shipped to all over the world but I received my first order from France the other day.
The bride-to-be ordered a "Rustic-Inspired Boutonniere" and I was so excited because I have always wanted to visit France!
I even wrote a bit of french (for the first time) in her thank you card. :)
Aurevoir little boutonniere!
Not only have I been making some new items, I have also been organizing a bit...just a bit though!
The other night, I sat down on the floor in my craft room and just started sorting some of my feathers--actually, HUNDREDS of my feathers (which I still have THOUSANDS left to organize :-/).
 My husband also came in and helped me...what a great guy right? :)
Here's a photo of my "feather rainbow"
& a weee-bit of organzing in my little "cubby holes."
Although I had lots of creating to do, I took a couple breaks with the husband, our little man, and a couple good friends to Crestline and a trip to Big Bear Lake.
We enjoyed God's beautiful creations and just relaxed!
Here are a couple photos from each trip. :)
From Crestline on our "Heart Rock" hike.
From beautiful Big Bear Lake
What a great way to end a busy couple of weeks right? :)
{Have a BEAUTIFUL day!}

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