Thursday, April 5, 2012

Petite Flowers

I recentently created small flower hairpieces for a friend. She asked for smaller ones so that when she gives them as gifts, her friends can wear them on a daily basis. Since I knew they were all nursing students too, our scrubs are {maroon} and I figured, why not add a bit of {maroon} to each one to match our scrubs? Makes sense since we are wearing them every week! So, that's what I did! :)

These little beauties were created with ranuncula petals, hydrangea petals, cherry blossom as well as little daisy petals.

Each flower had a touch of {sparkle} added with a rhinestone for the center and glitter leaves. So cute & with each one about 2-2.5" around, so petite! :)

These can also be created on elastic headbands for little girls or leave them as is--on an alligator clip!

How about you? Would you rather wear a large flower in your hair or a smaller one?

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