Saturday, February 4, 2012

Some {GOOD} finds + more boutonnieres

This morning, I just wanted to share a few things that I stumbled upon the past few days. They are some really good reads and I know you will enjoy them as well! :)
First, I was sent this beautiful...& FUNNY list:
25 things I want my son to know
It is absolutely a must read for mommies! Especially if you have a little boy...or several little boys. lol
Next, anyone a Starbucks fan??
I found this little ode to a good Starbucks outing from Profiles of a Papergirl.
It's called, none other than:
Starbucks Love.
& follow this blog! She (Sarah)is an amazing writer!
& last but certainly not least, there is a fun little giveaway going on over at The Official Blog of Elisha. Be sure to check it out! There's lots of vintage-inspired necklaces to be won! :)

Now, for the rest of the day...
I am just about done with another boutonniere order (2 pieces are missing from the photo). I will be finishing up and shipping it out to San Diego on Monday :)

{Have a Beautiful Weekend!}

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