Thursday, January 12, 2012

MUSTARD! The color of course :)

Ok, I must admit, I used to hate the color of mustard yellow but for the past couple of months, I have seen this color pop up everywhere and I have fallen in love with it! :) I even created a hairpiece inspired by this color...(which is available HERE)
This piece has been featured in so many different treasuries as well--because why? EVERYONE has been raving over this delightful hue! :)
Take a look for yourself HERE at the treasuries on etsy.

So, in honor of all that is mustard...I give you a little montage of this much loved color!
Super cute pillow! I know, I can't help myself when it comes to ruffles! :)
{From The Linen House}

This would add a little bit of "pop" to the everyday outfit. Love the braid detail!
{From Flourish Leather}

Aren't these napking rings darling?
{From Home For Hire}

A little bit of romance never hurts :)
{From Yellow Heart Art}

This would be a great "statement piece."
{From Tippy Thai}

Super adorable dress right?! And again...RUFFLES! :D
{From CG Heaven}

So cute! These would bring a bit of happiness to a home :)
{From stephlovesben}

This lovely little cup holder would make some hot chocolate that much "cozier" to drink :)
{From Good Weather}

Ooo snuggly gloves!!
{From vintageniltb}

Love this necklace! It has that warm vintage feel to it!
{From Natural Gorgeous}

These bow clips are so cute! The perfect touch to simple pumps or wedges!
{From Dreaming of Dandelions}

Want more of this wonderful hue? View these awesome treasuries that have been created...all inspired by mustard!


  1. Great article! Thank you for including my cap cozy!

  2. Thank you Kayla, you include them in my glove for.


  3. Thanks so much for featuring my little heart necklace - I love your choices! You have a lovely blog!

    Nina from Natural Gorgeous Jewelry @ Etsy


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