Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The nursery is done! 40 weeks TODAY! :)

Today, November 29, 2011 is our little one's due date! :) Although, he hasn't made his debut just yet, we are ready and waiting to see his sweet little face! I wanted to share the rest of the nursery details we finished and just about 90% of the nursery is done using handmade details by both my husband and I.
I shared our tree made with fabric leaves in a previous post HERE
Now, here's the rest of the nursery photos!


Here's the mobile I made just yesterday to hang about his crib :)

Buntings above his closet.
I bought these for the baby shower & decided to put them into use in the nursery! I bought them from Oliver Blue Designs.

I painted this frame a while back and added "you are my sunshine" lyrics to fabric for the back. Here's the post I featured including DIY instructions :)
So, it's all done and ready for our little guy to move into whenever he wants to arrive! :) Now, time to rest for a bit...

{Have a BEAUTIFUL Day--Happy Fall}


  1. Oh, your nursery is beautiful. Now, only to wait for his grand entrance! He has a fabulous place to come home to. Hope you don't have to wait too long. :O

  2. Thanks Heather :) I hope I don't have too long either! We want to meet him already!

  3. hi! stopping by from blue eyed owl. your nursery is gorgeous! hope your little one comes soon too :) best of luck :)

  4. That nursery is darling. Fantastic job mama!

    You are the cutest preggo ever! If you get desperate, castor oil works wonders. I took it in the evening, my water broke that night and I had H the next afternoon.

    P.S. My baby bean hasn't come out either. Let's see if the oil works its magic again a second time.

  5. Thanks for stopping by Kelley! I'm still hoping he comes out soon! :)

    Roxy, you are too kind! Thanks :) I'm not feeling so cute right about now! lol I have tried everything BUT Castor oil. To be honest, I'm a bit scared! lol I don't want to go into delivery with the runs! :O

  6. This has got to be the cutest nursery every! I love every detail...so many adorable details!! Congrats on your baby:)

  7. Oh and just twittered it :D Tried putting it up on my FB page too but for some reason it's not working. Have a wonderful and Happy New Year!

  8. Thank you so much odetoinspiration! You're the best! My husband and I are very proud of our work lol :) It's our favorite room in the house!


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