Monday, October 31, 2011

ADORABLE tree in nursery DONE! :D

As of last night, my husband and I completely finished the wall where the crib will go in the nursery! This wall took lots of detailed work and I'm so happy to say we are finished!
I had this whole idea of what I wanted the nursery to look like when we found out we were going to have a little baby and it is definitely more than what I expected it to look like :)

My husband and I started with stenciling the tree on the wall, then we picked out the paint colors and my husband completed painting the tree in no time! It was then my turn to start cutting out leaves of different fabrics and using wire within them so they could be bendable and more "leaf like." Once I cut out what seemed to be hundreds of leaves, we attached them to the branches using little pieces of command strips. Then, I used a bunting that I created a while back
{here's the post where I created it---incl. DIY instructions!}
and I hung it from the tree over the crib where little Levi will dream :). I also created a little bird made of fabric to attach to the end of the bunting. I used wire inside of the bird as well so that it would "pop out" & then added a little bow tie to the baby bird. Finally, we hung up the nightlight birdhouse that Grandpa Spence made for Levi! I absolutely love it!! :)

Here is a preview to our little man's nursery!
(The entire nursery layout will also be up soon considering we only have a few more projects left to complete in his room)

Adorable right? :) I'm pretty proud I must say!
Now it's time to hang up the curtains, arrange his baby books on the shelf, buy a pillow for the back of the rocking chair, and then we are about set! Only 4 weeks left until we get to see Levi's handsome little face!
{Have a beautiful day!}


  1. Ah-may-zing. Especially the light in the birdhouse. Can I steal you & your husband to do my son's room??

    I'm pretty sure I'm going to crash blogspot with my endless comments. Last one I promise!

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  2. Haha Thank you! :) im a little obsessed with the nursery at the moment. I love creating fun and unique projects and this has to be one of my favorites! What have you done in your nursery so far?


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